Baby oil, this emollient liniment softens, soothes and moisturizes your baby’s skin, protecting it from external agents, cradle cap and skin irritations including diaper rash, and not only … Thanks to this oil you can also clean and shine your bathroom. Who would have thought? When you go from the toilet to the kitchen, you will use this miraculous product to revolutionize your cleaning routine and perfume your bathroom with a subtle and pleasant fragrance. We’re going to change the game together in this article.

What is baby oil? A gentle treatment to cleanse the baby’s skin, buttocks, face and hair

The skin of babies is so sensitive that it accepts only soft rubs that prevent the appearance of redness, friction from clothing and cleaning cloths, and the acidity of urine and stool in the genitals. Therefore, baby oil is used to nourish this sensitive and delicate skin, giving it the necessary moisture and protection.  In addition, it can also be used as a massage oil to soothe your baby’s body before bedtime. You will be surprised to discover the other strangest, but promising uses!

How to use baby bath oil and maintain hygiene in the home?

You are a fan of cleanliness and use all the tips and products that your surroundings, neighbors and colleagues recommend keeping your space clean and shiny! Yet, it’s simply inconceivable that you sacrifice most of your day cleaning the windows, cleaning the faucets, polishing the bathroom utensils and disinfecting your sink. All that elbow grease is your health, your time and your money, do you realize? But like Piaf, we have no regrets. This matter is now a thing of the past when you start cleaning your house with baby oil! Modest, perhaps already available at home and above all effective, and you will discover it immediately.

How to wash the toilet and bathroom with baby oil liniment?

We agree that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house that we use daily and without moderation. Frequent passages, residues of soap and cosmetic products in the shower, the frequent use of taps … are all reasons why a thorough cleaning of this room is mandatory, and no one can avoid it! But wait, are you one of those people who douse their bathroom with bleach to blur the dirt and make the detergent smell? We hope that’s not the case, but if so, we highly recommend you forgo it and use the baby oil liniment for this mission instead. It’s quite simple, take note.

Super effective on the taps:  Just put on your gloves, put a few drops of baby oil on a clean microfiber cloth and give the faucets, shower head, towel bar and handles a good rub. the door. This will make your shower accessories shine like new for the first time! Clever, isn’t it?

Similarly, this rub also works in the bathtub and the walls of the shower, which tend to clog due to residues of soap, shampoo and greasy moisturizers such as coconut oil. Coconut. To do this, you just need to put a teaspoon of baby oil on a damp cloth and rub it vigorously on all surfaces. All that remains is to iron another dry cloth soaked in disinfectant to remove the excess oil. That’s it!

You even have the option to scent your toilet paper roll with 3-5 drops of this subtly scented oil in the small cardboard roll. And you can even lubricate your door hinges with this oil without spending a dime. Goodbye squeaker!

How else can you clean the bathroom with natural products?

Now that this magical rub has become your favorite, let’s get back to the cleaning basics that never give away either. What do you say you take a little tour of your closet and bring out the unbeatable combination? You do not even need any clues to guess that it is baking soda and white vinegar! Masters of impossible missions or rather possible, these two ingredients go perfectly together and create a synergy that stands up to the most expensive and efficient cleaning products on the market. Without being too silly, just fight the dirt and stubborn stains in your bathtub by doing the following:

  • First clean your bathtub from existing waste such as shampoo packaging, hair residues or unnecessary plastic items;
  • Now that the room is completely empty, sprinkle some baking soda in the amount equivalent to one glass , not forgetting the rubber seals and edges.
  • Then spray the white vinegar with a spray bottle and leave it for an hour. It is convenient to go about your other activities.
  • After that, a chemical reaction will take place to loosen the dirt. All you have to do is scrub the entire surface with an abrasive brush and rinse with clean water. Nothing more, your bathtub will shine like never before … it is even ready to receive a fragrant bath bomb!

From the moment the cleaning of the house is conceived as a moment of pleasure and fulfillment, the whole situation changes … and natural tips on their part offer themselves to this with many options and solutions. Did you like our tips?