If shoes are constantly in use, they do not look very nice after some time. If brushing them off is not enough, many people ask themselves the question: Can shoes be washed? Which shoes can be washed in the washing machine? Here you will find information and tips on how to wash shoes.

Mud, sweat, dust, rain – especially sneakers and trekking shoes get dirty quickly. But that’s not a bad thing, because sports shoes in particular can be cleaned quickly and easily in the washing machine.

Which shoes can be put in the washing machine?

A whole range of shoes can be washed in the washing machine without any problems. On the other hand, water and detergents can cause massive damage to other shoes. As a general rule, shoes made of synthetic materials can usually be put in the washing machine. These are often:

  • Sneakers
  • Slippers
  • Canvas shoes and cloth shoes

Leather shoes, hiking boots and boots should not be washed in the washing machine under any circumstances. Shoes with decorative elements such as metal parts or rhinestones should also not be put in the machine. Clean heavily soiled leather shoes best in the sink with little Water and a soft cloth. When the leather shoes are dry again, the leather is happy about an extra portion of care.

At how many degrees can I wash shoes?

If you put your sneakers or slippers in the washing machine, you should choose the lowest possible temperature. More than 86 degrees will not do the shoes any good: adhesions can come loose at too high temperatures and cushioning material (e.g. in sneakers) could break.

Washing shoes properly in the washing machine

The following tips will help get your shoes clean without harming them:

  • Preparation I: Remove coarse dirt with a brush or damp cloth before putting them in the washing machine. Especially make sure there are no small stones in the sole of the shoe.
  • Preparation II: Remove medical insoles from the shoes, these are usually not allowed in the drum. Washable soles and laces should be washed separately in a small laundry bag.
  • In the drum I: Always put shoes in the machine together with towels or bed linen so that the hard shoes do not damage the laundry drum.
  • Into Drum II: It is best to wash sneakers and other shoes made of synthetic materials in a laundry net or an old pillowcase.

Tips for operating the machine:

  • Detergent: use only a small amount of detergent and no fabric softener.
  • Program I: Choose a program for easy care, wool or delicates. New machines sometimes have a special program for sneakers.
  • Program II: Do not use the spin cycle after washing.

Tips after washing:

Drying I: Dry the shoes in a sunny, airy place – and please not directly next to or on the heater. The clothes dryer is also not a good place to dry shoes.

Drying II: Stuff the damp shoes with crumpled up newspaper, then they won’t lose their shape. Replace the damp paper with dry paper regularly, and the shoes will be ready for use again more quickly.

Good to know: Even if the shoes look like new again after a few rounds in the washing machine, you should not wash your shoes too often in the machine. After all, even artificial materials suffer over time, and the cushioning in the soles also wears off.