Although it has become the bane of environmentalists due to its harmful effects on the environment, plastic remains one of the most resistant, economical and widely used materials in households. It is the main component of all kinds of items such as kitchen utensils, household appliances, toys or even certain decorative elements. However, over time, with heavy use and regular exposure to heat or smoke, plastic turns yellow, tarnishes and looks dirty. To remove this yellowing, many people use popular products such as bleach or alcohol. But they are abrasive substances that can easily damage your plastic items. To avoid taking a risk, it’s better to rely on less aggressive products. We offer you a range of quick and effective solutions for whitening plastic.

Household appliances: plastic wears out over time!

Although the main characteristics of plastic are its flexibility and resistance, over time it loses its white color and shows a yellowish hue, giving it a dirty and worn appearance. This effect occurs more quickly when plastic items are not properly cared for or are constantly exposed to the sun. If you want to lighten your plastic items to make them stain-free again, basic cleaning is not enough to achieve the desired result. To effectively whiten all yellowed items, it is necessary to use certain strong whitening products and put some wise advice into practice. Below, we present 3 particularly effective solutions to return whiteness and shine to worn and yellowed plastics.

3 Tips to brighten the yellowed plastic of household appliances

  • With hydrogen peroxide

Known for slowing down the aging process, cleansing and tightening the skin, hydrogen peroxide is often used in cosmetic products. However, thanks to its versatility, it is also used to balance various household tasks. Therefore, it is very useful for you to whiten your plastic items. Get yourself a hydrogen peroxide cream. First, clean the item thoroughly with soapy water. Then spread the cream on it and cover the item with a transparent film. Leave it like this for 24 hours to prevent air particles from interfering. When you wipe your item, you will notice that the plastic has regained its former luster.

  • With baking soda

It is certainly one of the most infallible products to return plastic to its whiteness. And this is thanks to its whitening and stain-removing properties. In addition to removing yellowing, baking soda is perfect for removing germs and other surface stains.

How to proceed. It’s best to start by rubbing the most affected areas with a cloth soaked in soap and water. Next, mix hot water with half a glass of chlorine, another half of baking soda and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in a container. After you get a homogeneous mixture of all these ingredients, soak a clean sponge and pass it through the yellowish areas with circular movements. For the solution to be effective, leave it on for 10 minutes. All you have to do is remove the remaining residue with another sponge soaked in water. Your plastic objects will be brighter than ever!

  • With fine sandpaper

Finally, this last method applies especially to very delicate or high-value items. Thanks to very fine sandpaper, you can restore the original whiteness. To do this, simply run it very carefully in the yellowish areas until the first most deteriorated layer is removed.

With all these tips, you can easily overcome the yellow tint that settles in your plastic elements over the years. But of course, the best recommendation is to clean regularly, especially in certain sensitive areas to prevent dirt from accumulating.

Have you ever tried any of these tricks or any other interesting method to lighten your plastic items?