Grandma’s trousseau is a priceless thing that is jealously preserved from generation to generation. However, since you keep it for years and then take it back in adulthood, it often happens that you notice yellow stains. That’s when the sheets no longer have the whiteness they used to have, but how to make them what they used to be? Don’t worry! In this article you will be introduced to natural remedies you can use to whiten yellowed bedding and have it perfect again!

Baking soda

The first method I can’t help but recommend is baking soda! We are talking about an ingredient that is great for sending away even the most yellowed and stubborn stains, in fact its main action is to whiten all fabrics and surfaces on which it is used. All you will need to do is load the sheets into the basket of the washing machine and then put 1 heaped scoop of baking soda. If there are specific stains, dampen the affected area and sprinkle a paste of baking soda and water on top.

Bar soap

One of Grandma’s tricks you can’t give up is bar soap, which is great in case of yellowed trousseau! In addition, its scent will also make it perfect for removing that slight stench of shut-in that you get when you pick up the sheets. All you’ll need to do is simply pre-treat a few stubborn stains by moistening and rubbing the loaf on top, then add 1 tablespoon of flakes to the basket and see what a fantastic result!

Sodium percarbonate

Among the ingredients that possess the most degreasing action, we cannot help but mention sodium percarbonate. Its name is reminiscent of bicarbonate, but in reality, percarbonate must be used only in specific cases since it acts at a temperature of at least 100 °F. So, after loading the trousseau in the drum, put 1 scoop of sodium percarbonate and start a medium-high temperature wash. The trousseau will be as good as new!

Oxygenated water

Now let’s move on to hydrogen peroxide, an ingredient we are sure to find around the house that we don’t know is great in cases like this! Warning. The hydrogen peroxide referred to is 10-volume, or 3 percent. All you will need to do is simply put 1 tablespoon of the product in the detergent tub along with the other products used. As specified for the other methods as well, you can pretreat more concentrated stains with a few drops of water.


Lemon is not only the best-tasting citrus fruit in the world, it is also a great natural remedy for whitening yellowed fabrics! Similar to bar soap, here we are also talking about a product that is able to combine effectiveness with an intoxicating scent. To use this method you will only have to filter well half a glass of lemon juice and put it in the basket inside a measuring cup.

White vinegar

We conclude our remedies with white vinegar, an essential ingredient in the washing machine! There are many people who rely on its effectiveness to achieve soft, clean and always fresh laundry. In the case of yellowed trousseau, all you need to do is use vinegar as a fabric softener by putting 1 cup of the product together with 1 teaspoon of essential oils in the tray provided. That’s it, sheets as good as new!


I remind you to always read the trousseau washing instructions carefully, so you don’t get the steps wrong.