Did you know that if you combine batteries with aluminum foil, you will get an incredible result? True, you will not believe it, but you will be able to use many things and save money. Let’s find out what happens when aluminum foil and batteries are combined.

You may not know that tin foil can be used as an electrical conductor. Actually, it is the common aluminum in the kitchen, known as aluminum foil, which we all often use to store food and keep it hot for a long time. With this special paper that you already have at home, you can achieve incredible results and make your electronic devices work again. Let’s find out how to do it.

Tin foil as an electrical conductor

An excellent, economical and fast alternative to have an electrical conductor immediately, which can use the devices, tin foil is ideal to restore the electrical contact of the batteries. In fact, it is made of suitably machined aluminum sheets and conducts electricity due to its free electrons.

The reason is easy to explain: Since aluminum is a metal, there are several free electrons available on its surface that favor the passage of current. So, when it happens that battery-powered devices or toys stop working because the contact on one side of the battery is no longer present, we can use aluminum foil.

The reason for the non-function can be a deformation that occurs due to the continuous use of the devices and affects their functionality. In a few minutes, this problem can be solved by cutting a small piece of aluminum to the appropriate size and placing it where the battery should have contact.

If the operation is performed perfectly, the device will work again, saving time and above all money . In fact, reusing the batteries will reduce costs because they will last longer, and you will also avoid buying the equipment.

What to do if the battery compartment oxidizes?

It can happen that the battery compartment oxidizes due to time and the fact that the batteries are constantly in this small space. In some cases, the oxidation of the battery compartment can cause the battery springs to break and stop working.

Before restoring the batteries with aluminum foil and making them functional again, it is necessary to clean the battery compartment properly. Use a toothbrush to clean it and remove all the debris inside. If the battery compartment is badly damaged, it is best to restore the circuit with aluminum foil so that you can put the device you need back into operation.

How to use batteries and aluminum foil

If you have devices that do not work, for example, a lamp that does not turn on, and the cause is a lack of contact between electronic devices, aluminum foil is the fastest and cheapest way to save money. If a contact is burned out or rusty and not working for that reason, here’s what you need to do:

  • Scrape the electronic device with tweezers;
  • Take a small square of foil and tape it to the top.
  • Try to turn it on and you will see that the contacts work.

At this point, you can screw in the lamp and it will definitely work so you can use it again. If the battery spring is burned out, take a piece of aluminum foil and press it lightly on the side of the battery where it is burned out. For the foil to work, it must be pressed on so that the battery stays firmly in the compartment. If you have done everything correctly, turn on the device and check if it works in any case.

As you can see, the problem that electronic contacts do not work with tin foil, can be easily solved, precisely because this type of paper is an excellent conductor of electricity.