Do you want lush plants that grow endlessly? All you have to do is put this on and you will have a lifespan of up to 15 years.

Having plants at home, with their beguiling colors and fragrances is definitely a plus for everyone. It is everyone’s job to make sure they grow healthy and lush, with beautiful flowers and emerald, green leaves. The secret is not just having a minimum green thumb, but making sure the soil gets all the nutrients it needs throughout the year. The seasons are different, and so are the needs of plants: Especially with this ingredient they can last up to 15 years and renew indefinitely.

Fertilizers, better than natural?

For the care and growth of plants, experienced gardeners use fertilizers rich in specific nutrients. Those who have plants at home, just need to learn about the nutrients necessary for plants, and then give them the specified substance.

In most cases, people buy ready-made products that are rich in vitamins on the market – mineral salts and ingredients that can do the plant good. Industry experts recommend making fertilizer at home yourself, with completely natural ingredients, which are excellent for plants and their growth.

A common ingredient is certainly the most used, including the peel, as it is rich in mineral salts and vitamins that can give the plant up to 15 years of life and continuous growth. With this natural remedy you can say goodbye to the classic yellow and dull leaves.

Fertilizer for plants: a single ingredient to make them grow indefinitely

The onion is not only an excellent ingredient used in the culinary field, but also a vegetable that is very suitable for the preparation of natural fertilizers. It is used for plants along with the peel, as it is rich in benefits and properties that should not be underestimated.

There are a few ways to make a rich fertilizer to give your plants all the nutrients they need:

  • The first method is a cold infusion, soaking the bulbs overnight. The next day, the water is filtered, and the contents are poured directly onto the soil.
  • The second method is most often used, in fact, the onions must be crushed together with the peel in a container. Immediately after pour boiling water and mix for a few seconds. Later add warm water and filter the liquid, making sure that the skins do not fall into the substance. Then water the plants with this natural fertilizer and give them a second and long life.

What are the advantages? This is an economical, easy to prepare and completely natural fertilizer suitable for all types of plants. Its action is immediate on the stem and root system, it helps the leaves and flowers by providing vitamins and mineral salts. Its benefits include an abundance of carotene – vitamins of group B and nicotinic acid and vitamins of group PP.