If you have a basil plant and it has flowers, don’t throw them away, because you can use them in several ways. Below we show you everything.

Basil is one of the most popular and widely used aromatic herbs. Its fragrance and taste are truly unique and almost everyone loves it. It completes many dishes and gives them that special touch that should not be missing. Precisely because of its great use, people often choose to plant it near the house. Whether you have a vegetable garden or a simple balcony, just put a pot and start growing. That way you’ll always have it on hand and won’t have to ask your greengrocer for it. It will always stay fresh, and the care is really easy. All you need are a few small precautions and you’re all set.

Basil plant with flowers

What you don’t know, however: You should not throw away basil flowers. In fact, they are edible too and you can recognize them because they resemble corn cobs, only they are a little smaller and thinner. They grow and are usually cut and thrown away. Now we’ll show you why you definitely shouldn’t throw them away.

Do not throw away basil flowers

As we just said, basil has spikelets on each stem that contain the small white flowers. These are usually cut off when they reach only a few inches. In fact, cutting them allows the stem to grow, resulting in more basil leaves.

However, you can grow some of these spikelets to a maximum size of 4/6 inches for use in the kitchen and beyond. Once they reach this length, you can proceed with cutting. Be careful, however, as this will not allow them to be consumed like the leaves but must first be dried.

So, the spikelets are edible, but they must be dried first. Once they reach a reasonable length, you can detach them from the basil plant, which still continues to grow, and place them in the sun for several hours. Make sure there is no wind, otherwise the spikelets will fly away.

Once they are dried, it takes about 48 hours. You can use them in different ways. However, we recommend that you put the extracted herb in a jar with a lid so that it retains its aroma. But let’s see below how to use them in a very simple way.

Basil vinegar: how to make it

With the dried spikelets you can get a basil flavored vinegar, just by putting the dried spikelets in the bottle. Let everything infuse for about 7 days and then filter the mixture. Here you get a basil vinegar in a very simple way, without having to go to the supermarket.

Dried basil vinegar

With the basil vines, it is also possible to propagate the basil and grow a new plant. In this case, it is recommended to dry the spikelets directly on the plant. Once they are ready, rub them on soft, sandy soil. They must always be moist and exposed to the sun.

If you perform this operation in the spring or summer, the result is guaranteed. After a few weeks you will see the first leaves and gradually the plant will begin to grow. These are just a few ways to use basil differently, and you must at least try.