Nowadays, all consumers around the world are looking for the best ways to save as much electricity as possible. Mainly because of the rising bills, some people are trying to save money and reduce costs by not turning on the TV, heating and lights. You must give up absolutely nothing, you can continue living the way you always have by simply using your ingenuity and cunning. To save money, you must first choose a certain type of lighting that will allow you to use devices when needed while limiting consumption in the bill.

Light up your home and save money at the same time. Here are some functional solutions.

To save money, it is recommended to choose halogen lamps, which will save you at least 30% more than incandescent lamps. Energy-saving are fluorescent lamps, which cut consumption in half. Followed by LED lamps, which are the best ever, because they consume at least 80% less than all other types of lamps. The high energy saving lamps, LED lamps, are compatible with any existing socket, so no maintenance is required for use.

Just screw them in and then turn on the light and see that the brightness is 100,000 times better than other types of light bulbs, even after 5,000 hours of use. According to recent studies, these are much safer than the others, among other things, because they do not give off heat or release toxic substances. They are available in both warm and cold light, the choice varies according to preference and depending on the environment to be illuminated, whether indoor or outdoor, modern, classic or antique.

Here’s how to repair a LED lamp with LEDs that don’t work and save on replacement.

When they burn out or stop working as they should, the bulb is usually replaced. In reality, as electricians teach, it is not necessary to do this out of the blue, because as strange as it may seem, the bulb can be repaired. You have to be careful with every gesture so as not to risk your life at the moment and days and that’s it.

To proceed safely, simply take the bulb, unscrew it and then remove the glue that holds the “cap” of the same that protects the LEDs. After opening it, 7 LEDs will appear in front of you. To find out which one is defective, just take a power cord and use it like pliers, then fold it back up. With the cable, touch all the LEDs, the faulty one is the one that makes contact so that it turns on and off by itself. To do this, remove the bulb from its seat so as not to draw the current, and pull off the defective LED with a suitable pair of pliers. Then you get steel wool, which you can buy at any hardware store . If a piece comes off, electrical tape is used to stick it in place of the LED. And that’s it. The process serves to insulate the LED contacts, which allows you to turn on the light and continue using the bulb until it runs out, without any risk.

Saving money by using electricity the right way, here’s how.

To save money at home, you need to avoid turning on the bulbs when you don’t need them, so only light the rooms where you spend many hours when it gets dark and not before. Then avoid using appliances in the most expensive hours of the day, reduce the consumption of what is considered useless.

For example, the dishwasher should be turned on only fully loaded. On the other hand, if there are few dishes to be washed, it is advisable to wash them by hand. As for household appliances, a secret that not everyone knows is that they should never be left on standby, because even if they are of little importance, there is a risk that the bill will increase quite a bit.