With just one jar of these ingredients, your flowers will be beautiful all year long: These ingredients last only once a month.

How to make an excellent fertilizer to have flowers all year round? Banana peel is the indispensable ingredient, in addition to another important natural ingredient that is always present in the house. This natural product is used only once a month and ensures that the plant becomes beautiful and full of flowers again. How is it prepared and what second ingredient is used? Let’s try it out right now.

Fertilizer for perennial flowers: ingredients

Nurseries in the sector have announced their own method, namely the preparation and use of a natural fertilizer based on banana peel. This ingredient is considered organic waste but should never be thrown away and reused. To do this, the experts explain step by step how to proceed. Every month, this fertilizer is poured directly on the plant, to give it nutrients of all kinds. In summer, the application is also possible every 15 days. The ingredients are few and natural, namely banana peel and natural white rice.

Take the banana peels and put them in a container with water and 4 tablespoons of rice. Leave to soak and macerate for two consecutive days. Filter the contents and then water the plants. The content of nitrogen, potassium and calcium is very high, and the fertilizer is rich in nutrients. If it is not completely used up, it can be kept for 2 days.

Alternatives as a natural fertilizer to banana peel

Banana peel can also be used to make other excellent fertilizers that can be used once a month or every 15 days in the summer. This is a hot alternative and it goes like this:

  • Cut the peels into pieces with a cutting board. The amount is about 5 peels per quart of water;
  • Fill a pot with a quart of water and wait until it boils.
  • When the time is right, add the peels and boil for 15 minutes.
  • Turn off the stove and let the contents cool. You can either puree the peels with a blender or filter the liquid. The same can be kept in a plastic bottle to water – with water – the plants.

There is a third alternative: banana peels, which are placed in a baking tray. The smooth outer part must be discarded. Cook them at low temperature until they have a black appearance. Take the peels, chop everything into small pieces and store the product in an airtight container. In this case, they are put in the ground once a month as a nutrient booster.