Who said that the task of freeing the sink belongs to men? We women are very good at everything and with these tricks that we are about to tell you, grease, food, fat will melt like snow in the sun and free you from jams.

The first rule is to watch the sump well and intervene as soon as possible when it slowly drains and clogs. Forget about chemicals that are corrosive and harmful to pipes, it is better to resort to these effective and economical means.

Clog the sink with baking soda

Vinegar is a well-known antibacterial agent; baking soda is a powerful disinfectant that combines its properties to develop a solution suitable to bubble even the most clogged sink. Pour one cup of baking soda into the well and add the vinegar immediately after. Mixing will produce a slightly bubbly mixture, symptomatic of a good chemical reaction. Leave for about ten minutes, then finish with a pitcher of boiling water. This treatment will dissolve all residues and the sink will flow again. But what if it’s really too full? Repeat the process, but before pouring the pitcher of boiling water for the second time, try using a plunger to further clear the passage.

However, this is not the only strategy to implement. There are others! You can make a kind of “liquid plumber” from a bottle. Pour in equal amounts of baking soda and coarse salt using a funnel. Then pour the vinegar, wait until the reaction starts, and then immediately pour the mixture into the well.

The abrasive power of coarse salt, combined with that of baking soda and the greasing action of vinegar, will work wonders!

Do you know citric acid? It can be purchased at pharmacies and can be a valuable ally in many areas of housework. First pour a cup of baking soda and then a cup of citric acid dissolved in water. Leave for a few minutes and pour boiling water. Done!

Bonus: 3 more ingenious tricks!

  • Pasta cooking water is also effective for this purpose, pour it down the drain, the starch it contains will clean the pipes and keep them free of residue. You can use it immediately after combining vinegar and baking soda for a strong effect.
  • The same goes for dishwashing liquid. Since it’s formulated to dissolve grease and fat, it penetrates thoroughly when poured into the cavity and left to sit. Finally, run hot water from the faucet.
  • Still not enough? Brewer’s yeast in breads also proves to be a strong draining factor and also eliminates bad odors. Dissolve it in 7 fl ox of boiling water, pour it into the pipes and leave it until the next morning. Run the water the next day to remove any residue.
  • And finally, Coca Cola could not be missed. Its acidity is so great and known to most that it removes incrustations of all kinds. Pour a small bottle down the drain, wait about ten minutes and then run the water. Ingenious, isn’t it!