Bet you that even in your refrigerator, there’s a yogurt container? Bet you sometimes just can’t resist licking the yogurt lid? We don’t want to give up this beloved childhood habit. However, somewhere in the back of our minds, we remember that aluminum is suspected to be toxic. So, is it unhealthy to lick the yogurt lid? Let’s find out why it’s not that serious and maybe not such a great idea after all.

Licking yogurt lids can actually have two advantages, if we look at it with a wink. First, we can use it to assess the sensory quality of the product: by licking the yogurt lid, we can immediately tell whether it’s still good or not. And the sustainability aspect shouldn’t be overlooked either: we’re actually using everything that’s there, contrary to what our grandmothers used to say.

But what about the harmful aluminum?

By the way, yogurt is a real health wonder. If your digestive system is thrown off balance after taking antibiotics, yogurt can restore it. It’s packed with microorganisms that restore balance. Here’s a tip: you can also consume it preventively. Additionally, yogurt lowers blood pressure and is good fuel for muscles. If you want to boost your muscles, opt for Greek yogurt, which has more protein than regular yogurt.

And now, let’s get down to brass tacks. What about the aluminum?

In the food industry, it’s well-known that salts and acids can attack aluminum and potentially break it down over the long term. If you’ve ever wrapped ham in aluminum foil and seen how the foil dissolved after a day in the refrigerator, you’re familiar with this phenomenon. That’s why, in food packaging, aluminum coated with plastic is used. So, when you lick the yogurt, you’re not licking raw aluminum but a thin layer of plastic. However, there’s still a potential risk: the coated aluminum lid is extremely thin, so you might accidentally cut your tongue. So, be careful!

In conclusion:

No worries. Generally, licking the yogurt lid is fine as long as you don’t injure or split your tongue. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, or brain damage are not something to be concerned about. The only danger is walking around afterward with a drop of yogurt on the tip of your nose. So, take a look in the mirror.