Jade tree is a very common plant that you may have seen many times, both indoors and outdoors. It is in fact a very hardy plant, suitable even for those who do not have a very developed green thumb. It is not only an easy-to-handle plant, but also very beautiful to look at, according to Chinese culture it is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Here are some tips on how to grow your jade tree healthy.

  1. Choose the right place

We have already mentioned that the jade tree is a perfect plant to be both indoors and outdoors, but in both cases, it is important to find the right place. In general, this plant needs a lot of light, so you should put it in a place that gets natural light. Be careful though, avoid exporting to direct sunlight, especially if it is very hot.

  1. Water the plant in moderation

Since it is a succulent plant, you need to water it, but not too much. It is important to water the plant in moderation so that the soil remains moist only. We recommend you to proceed every 3-4 days, especially when temperatures exceed 77 degrees.

  1. Clean the leaves well

For your plant to grow healthy and strong, you need to clean the leaves well. In this way, use a cotton swab soaked in water and Marseille soap, and you will avoid dust deposits and can prevent diseases and pests.

  1. Good fertilization helps

Although the jade tree does not necessarily need fertilizer, if you use it, it can promote its healthy and lush growth. For a good fertilization you can use, for example, coffee grounds crumbled into the soil.

  1. Beware of pests

This plant can be easily attacked by pests, especially if it is kept outside. We recommend that you check the leaves and branches weekly for dangerous pests. In particular, the most common pests you might find are aphids and mealybugs.

  1. Perform regular pruning

Pruning for this plant is essential. You need to prune it to give it a neater, more symmetrical appearance and to prevent it from casting too much shade in the house or garden. For perfect pruning you can use shears or classic gardening shears.

  1. Protect the plant from high temperatures

If it gets too hot, there is a risk that the jade tree will weaken, especially if temperatures rise above 86 degrees. In these cases, you should avoid exposing the plant to direct sunlight. For example, you can move it to a shady place or cover it with a breathable sheet.

  1. Repot the plant properly

When the jade tree grows, its roots become more voluminous and therefore need more space. Repotting this plant is important and should be done every 2-3 years.