You don’t want to throw your clothes back into the laundry after wearing them once? Especially in summer, the things unfortunately quickly smell of sweat. But with this trick you can get rid of the smell in a flash. When clothes come fresh out of the washing machine or dryer, they smell so wonderfully clean and – depending on the detergent or fabric softener – pleasantly flowery.

Wouldn’t it be nice if T-shirts, shirts and the like smelled so fresh forever? Because stress, a full subway or a particularly hot day later and already the beautiful garment is full of sweat and smells. Food odors from cooking or cigarette smoke also like to settle in the fibers. Promptly the part lands again in the laundry basket.

But there’s a super simple (if a little strange) trick to keeping laundry fresh for longer. Because constant washing is not only bad for the environment and costs electricity and lots of water. It can also cause colors to fade and clothes fibers to wear out faster.

Miracle cure vodka: How to make laundry fresh again

All it takes is a little vodka in a small spray bottle. You’re supposed to spray the garment with it, and then deliver a few sprays with a steam iron a few inches above the garment. The hot steam rips the vodka out of the fibers and takes the musty smell right with it.

The vodka trick also works on laundry that’s still fresh and just needs to smell clean longer. To do this, mix equal parts vodka and water and spray it on the garment that needs to be worn. The alcohol kills bacteria that normally cause unpleasant smell of sweat during the day. This way you can wear your clothes much more often before they have to be washed again. By the way, the smell of vodka dissipates very quickly – so you don’t have to worry about smelling like a pub with the household trick.

Does not work: Vodka in the washing machine

If the alcohol in vodka kills bacteria, then you should be able to just put it in the washing machine for extra long-lasting freshness, right? Unfortunately, no. Experts doubt that vodka in the washing machine can have any effect on the laundry, because the alcohol is too diluted. So that the laundry does not already come out of the machine musty, it is therefore much more sensible to clean the washing machine thoroughly on a regular basis.