What you are going to discover is a secret tip from our grandmothers who used lemon juice on the broom. Now you might think that the broom is an obsolete tool, because it has been replaced by the more innovative and efficient vacuum cleaner. And yet, we are willing to bet that each of you has one at home: whether for a quick sweep in the kitchen after lunch, for a copper broom on the terraces or balconies, it never missing from the closet.

Lemon juice, for its part, is a powerful antibacterial with polishing, softening and lightening properties. It disinfects and cleans like industrial chemical, toxic and polluting products, but it is harmless to our health and that of the planet. But what does this have to do with the broom?

Let’s find out together!

Lemon on the broom: This is a grandmother’s tip that will put the whole house in turmoil!

Whether it is occasional and sporadic use or continuous use, the broom must be in excellent condition to best fulfill its function. Soft bristles collect crumbs and dust, hard bristles simply move them away. In addition, you must rely on a clean and disinfected tool so as not to carry dirt to other places in the house.

How can we guarantee all of this at once? With three lemons.

Squeeze them and filter the juice into a saucepan. Put it on the gas and bring it to a boil over low heat. Turn off the gas and let it cool, then spread it on the broom bristles. To make it easier for you, we advise you to transfer it to a spray bottle and steam it for uniform application.

Now let the broom air dry for at least an hour before using it. You will find it disinfected and with very soft bristles, ready to help you in your efforts. If you place it on the ground, you will also disinfect it thanks to the antibacterial effect of lemon.

Repeat this at least once a week to ensure thorough cleaning.

Remember, however, that this tip only works for soft-bristled brooms in terms of maintenance, but for hard-bristled brooms (for outdoors, let’s be clear), it still ensures the disinfecting effect of lemon.

Then use the remaining juice to clean the sink and stove so they shine and are free of germs and bacteria.