Just rely on this very effective method to achieve a surprising multiplication of lemons: Try it to believe it.

Among the fruits that enrich gardens and vegetable gardens are certainly lemons, which are often used in the kitchen to flavor dishes and also to prepare drinks such as lemonade. In addition, lemons are an exceptional source of benefit and therefore they are never lacking in our homes. However, in order to ensure that our lemon plants always have a constant growth and ensure a continuous production of lemons, we must follow some advice and also some methods that experienced growers know very well. If you follow one of these simple solutions, lemons multiply and also become particularly delicious.

Propagate lemons with this method is quite simple: here’s how to do it

  • First, take a branch of the lemon plant and cut it into small pieces with scissors. The small pieces of the branch must be completely freed from leaves.
  • The next step is instead to take an onion, peel part of it and rub it carefully and vigorously on the surface of the branch pieces you just cut.
  • Once this step is completed, we will prepare our vase to be filled with soil. Let’s drill a small hole in the center with our fingers and insert into this gap a teaspoon of rooting hormone, a very popular stimulating gel used for root growth.
  • After applying the rooting hormone, we can insert the three branch pieces into the soil, making sure they are well spaced. Now we just need to close everything with more soil and find the right place for our vase.
  • What should we do now? Of course, our vase needs water, so we start watering the soil to make sure that the roots get the right nutrition. We repeat this process as needed and wait until the first shoots appear.
  • In general, we have to wait about a month for the first seedlings to hatch from the pot. When our green friends are completely out, we can collect them, being careful not to ruin them, of course.

All the advantages of lemons: an avalanche of properties

We can also always empty the pot with great care and pull the seedlings out of the ground without damaging the roots. With this simple method we get lemon plants that guarantee the reproduction of these extraordinary citrus fruits

Lemon, as mentioned above, is one of the best foods for our body because of its many beneficial properties. First, this citrus fruit is rich in vitamin C, which guarantees an excellent antioxidant effect. In addition, the intake of lemon also promotes digestion and purifies the body. Lemon also lowers bad cholesterol, protects against sore throat and protects the urinary system from possible infections. Finally, lemon is a panacea for colds and is often recommended for skin health due to its excellent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. For this reason, it is best to use the method of propagation of this citrus.