Below we explain why you should light a candle in your bathroom – the reason will surprise you. Here’s what it is.

We never stop learning: There is an infallible way to significantly improve the atmosphere and smell of our bathroom. Just light a candle, but not just any candle. We must try to create this special candle that has a triple function: eliminate bad odors, spread a pleasant smell and keep all insects away. It is not difficult to bring this product to life, you only need a few ingredients, a little patience and it lasts whole months.

If you are not satisfied with commercial products and the results never meet your expectations, it’s time to take care of yourself. This candle has the power to release powerful aromas that can neutralize any bad smell from the sewer. No product on the market has such power, and now we explain how to make it even better. The steps are few and simple.

Bad odors and insects of all kinds: that’s enough

The bathroom is the room in the house where the most unpleasant odors. The sewers present in this environment are loud and clear. In addition, the humidity of the air is a key cause of the development of bad odors. The strong humidity, which occurs after each bath or shower, leads to the formation of mold of various kinds . This happens especially when we do not keep the window open long enough. Unfortunately, the consequences of moisture are not only these.

What happens in a damp and moldy environment is also the appearance of insects of various kinds. Some species of insects are attracted to this environment and are unlikely to leave. The underlying problem is that insecticides prevent the ambient air from breathing, especially in small spaces like bathrooms. Another disadvantage of insecticides is that they do not prevent their appearance, but only kill those already present without preventing their return. These chemicals are also toxic and harmful to the environment. So, let’s look at how we can replace commercial insecticides with a harmless and perfect for our purpose. In addition to replacing insecticides also replace air fresheners. Here you are jawie to make your own sparkler.

DIY bath candle: how to do it

To make our multifunction candle, it is enough to get ingredients that we certainly have at home. All you need is a lemon, some cloves and a simple unused candle. The first step is to grate the lemon: We need its peel. Then we squeeze it to get out all the juice too. We put everything in a bowl and mix it with a few grams of cloves.

In the meantime, let’s melt the candle in a pot: When it is completely melted, we must take its wick or the thread contained in the candle that will allow it to be lit. Put all the contents of the pot in the bowl with lemon zest, lemon juice and cloves. Stir quickly so that the wax does not solidify and pour into a jar. We place the wick in the center with the help of tongs and let everything solidify.

After less than an hour our candle is ready for use. We can place it wherever we want, but the best place is near the toilet. A few minutes after turning it on, we will notice a pleasant smell that will permeate our entire bathroom: an excellent smell that will no longer attract a single insect and will neutralize the bad insects from the sewer. Try to believe that you will not do without it.