Riddles are logic games in which players try to find a solution to a problem. Besides being fun, riddles challenge your brain. They are a great way to stimulate mental capacity and lateral thinking skills, maintain memory strength, and delight you. These exercises can be structured in a variety of ways.

In general, they take the form of puzzles that must be solved. They often require unconventional thinking with constraints in mind; sometimes, they involve lateral thinking. Logical riddles and puzzles are some types of riddles.
Riddles and their advantages

Riddles and their benefits

Riddles are exercises designed to stimulate cognitive function by encouraging the brain to work to complete the exercise. Many people like to do riddles for fun, but these simple exercises also have other uses; for example, neurologists often use them when working with patients to arrive at a diagnosis, and teachers often use them in the classroom as educational tools.

Some studies also suggest that doing riddles helps keep the mind sharp. In older adults, people who do riddles tend to perform better on various activities related to cognitive function. Boost your mind and brain capacity with the various riddles we offer on our website.

Intelligence test: Solve 88÷11×4÷8

Look at the image posted below. You will find a mathematical riddle that only people with high IQs will be able to solve. Check this math riddle carefully. Is it easy? Were you able to solve this complicated mathematical riddle? If you were able to solve it, let’s turn it into a challenge.

Set a timer to 15 seconds. Find out how fast you can solve this math riddle. If you can solve this riddle in less time, all the better. Now, get your math brain in gear to solve this tricky riddle. Your time starts now. Good luck!

As you think about the answers, here’s an interesting fact: solving riddles regularly can make you smarter and sharper. How? Well, riddles are known to improve cognitive function and enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Plus, as a bonus, they help refresh your mind and give you a much-needed break from monotony. And completing this article will help you increase your IQ and determine a person’s intelligence.

Logic Puzzle: IQ Test - Calculate 88÷11×4÷8

Intelligence Test: Solve 88÷11×4÷8 – Solution

To solve a math riddle, look at the riddle and try to solve it to find the solution to the problem. If you can’t find the solution, we have an answer for you. If you are still trying to figure it out, we have the solution to this math riddle.

If you still need help, the image below will help you figure out the solution. Use mathematical equations and formulas to solve math riddles. Explain the correct order in which to answer a math question. Many riddles are also complex because of human intuitive errors.

88÷11×4÷8 = 8×4÷8 = 32÷8 = 4

Logic Puzzle: IQ Test - Calculate 88÷11×4÷8