Avoid throwing away banana peel, because starting today you can turn it into a powerful fertilizer for your plants.

Banana peel has many benefits for the plants in our garden. So the next time you want to throw it in the trash as waste or put it in the compost to decompose, make the homemade compost, which I will share with you today, and strengthen your plants in an ecological and natural way. The problem with throwing or burying banana peel in the soil or near plants is that decomposition is a process that takes about a year to fully decompose, and therefore the nutrients are not used optimally. Instead, with this powerful homemade fertilizer, you’ll reap all the benefits it has to offer in just 48 hours.

How to make homemade compost

The step-by-step preparation of this fertilizer is very simple. First, you need to fill a container with water. This may be a barrel or a wide-mouth bottle. It is very important that the selected container has a lid that hermetically seals it. Then, along with the water, put in as many banana peels as you can. Afterwards, cover the container to prevent oxygen from entering. After 48 hours, the water will begin to turn dark brown. This indicates that the fertilizer is ready for use in our plants. This fertilizer is rich in potassium, which promotes flowering and fruiting more efficiently, making it the ideal fertilizer for fruit trees or garden crops. To apply it, you just need to water the plants you want to fertilize. If the fertilizer was too strong, you can mix it with a little fresh water and shake.


It is important to note that this fertilizer does not need to be applied at any time, but at the beginning of autumn or early spring. To detect that your plants lack potassium, you need to pay attention to the leaves. If they turn yellow or curl, it is a good time to use it.