Onion juice with honey is the classic home remedy for coughs: onions have an antibacterial effect, and you can make an effective cough syrup yourself from them in combination with honey. We show you how easy it is to make onion juice for coughs on your own. Onions have an antibacterial effect, which you can use against cough. Together with honey or a vegan alternative, you can make your own cough syrup in just a few steps.

Make your own onion juice for cough: The recipe

Here’s how to make your own onion juice for coughs – sweetened with honey:

  • Peel an onion, chop it, put the pieces in a glass or cup.
  • Pour two tablespoons of liquid honey over it. For the vegan version or if there is no honey in the house, sugar or other vegan honey alternatives are suitable instead.
  • Let the whole thing steep for several hours or preferably overnight.
  • Then pour off the resulting liquid.

Your homemade cough syrup is ready, which you can take several times a day on a spoon.

Onion is a traditional home remedy for sore throat, earache and insect bites (EMA) and has been used for centuries. According to tradition, it has anti-inflammatory, germicidal, antibacterial and analgesic effects. However, you’re probably asking yourself now, “Onion juice for coughs? Doesn’t that taste disgusting?” Surprisingly, the taste is actually bearable and sugary due to the honey or sugar, respectively.