How to make your own fly trap. Mix these ingredients and make the bottle: they will disappear forever. We reveal how to make a DIY fly trap, with very simple ingredients and with materials that you will surely already have at home.

Insect repellent, does it work?

When the heat approaches, insects also approach our homes. One of the most common methods to keep away flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches is the use of a special repellent. However, sometimes even the use of really expensive products does not solve the problem. Many wonder if insect repellents are effective at this point. Of course, some are more than others, but there are good alternatives that allow us to keep insects away from our home. Some of them are the traps, particularly functional especially against mosquitoes and flies. For this very reason, we explain below how you can make one right at home. All you need are some very simple materials that you have at home and the ingredients that you use every day. Read on to find out what you need and most importantly, how to make the trap.

Make your own fly trap

Experts, but also less experienced, think about making very efficient fly traps right at home. These traps are able to attract flies and other insects and trap them inside to prevent them from flying around. First, we tell you that you need to get a plastic bottle. And then you need some tape again along with some scissors. First you need to cut the bottle along the area where the lid is. Once you’re done, you need to insert the part you just cut exactly under the bottom of the bottle in question. You need to be careful, because you need to turn it over perfectly and secure it with tape.

Now you can prepare the mixture you need to attract mosquitoes. To make it, you can mix sugar or honey with water. Put everything in a pot and bring it to boil. Once it boils, you can turn off the heat and let the pot rest to cool down. Now extract the mixture and put it in the bottle. Both flies and mosquitoes are particularly attracted to sugar, which will only entice them to enter the trap. If you have noticed a large number of insects in your house or garden, we recommend you to prepare more than one trap. This way you can place them all in the different areas of your house that you think are particularly infested with flies.

The remedy that we have just suggested to you is absolutely effective and cheap, and that is why so many people use it. So, you can finally say goodbye to these very expensive and often toxic repellents that damage our finances and probably our health.