Want to discover the ideal place for mother-in-law’s tongue, a very low-maintenance houseplant? Here is the incredible discovery.

One of the most common houseplants is the mother-in-law’s tongue. Despite its highly bizarre name, this plant is really very low maintenance and grows best in your home environment. Those who have not yet fully developed their green thumb, will choose the mother-in-law’s tongue to slowly familiarize themselves with this world.

Not all plants require the same attention and precautions. Some of them, in fact, need to be permanently exposed to the sun, while others will suffer significantly from this particular situation. Another aspect to consider relates to the water supply of the plants.

The general rule for healthy and lush plant growth is the obligation of constant watering, especially at certain times of the year, such as spring and summer. However, not all require the same amount of water. In fact, houseplants may be watered much less frequently than those on the balcony or in the garden. For example, a mother-in-law’s tongue needs to be watered once every 10 to 15 days. Therefore, not much water is needed. In fact, excessive presence of this element could be counterproductive.

In fact, there is a risk that the plant will rot due to excessively wet soil. Therefore, it is very important to learn in advance about the proper steps in the care of individual plants. Therefore, this also applies to the mother-in-law’s tongue. Below we tell you where you can effectively use the mother in law’ tongue at home. In this way, it grows healthy, strong and lush. In addition, its positioning can be important in other respects. Here you will find everything you need to know about it.

Here you will learn where to place the mother in law’s tongue at home

It will be very important that you place a mother-in-law’ tongue in your home. In fact, its leaves are able to purify the air you breathe in the best possible way. Where to place this houseplant ? Let’s find out what we can do so that it never suffers, and it always remains beautiful and majestic. Here you will find everything you need to know about it.

First of all, it is advisable to choose a relatively bright area of the house, as long as the sun’s rays do not penetrate inside and touch the leaves of the plant. Mother-in-law’s tongue, also called Sansevieria, is actually afraid of direct contact with the sun, but must grow in a bright place. In addition, areas in the house that are exposed to strong cold drafts should be avoided. In addition to sunlight, these currents can also affect the regular growth of this houseplant.

Therefore, during the winter months it is important to keep it away from heat pumps, radiators and burning fireplaces. In fact, it will suffer greatly from this “artificial” heat. In addition to these more ” technical ” details related to the correct positioning of the mother-in-law’s tongue, there are other, more ” philosophical ” reasons. Let’s find out what we are referring to. Here are the details.

Place it in this area

An ancient Chinese Taoist geomantic art called Feng Shui emphasizes how important the mother-in-law’s tongue can be to remove negative energy from the house. Therefore, placing this plant at the entrance of the house could be an invitation to keep away the negative vibrations that come from outside due to various vicissitudes.

A kind of protection from everything negative outside your home. The plant will be able to ward off these negative aspects or tensions. So, the mother-in-law’s tongue could be important to attract positive energy and money in the future. Therefore, like most plants, it can also be considered as an element that can influence our lives. We don’t know if all this can really change the current state of affairs, but it doesn’t cost anything to try!

After all these discussions we have led you to discover the beauty of mother-in-law tongue, how best to care for it and where to place it effectively to avoid risks to the health of the plant.