A spotless house means regularly cleaning the floors at least once a week with a cleaner suitable for the type of surface. For example, use a special cleaner for wood, ceramic, or marble floors. An alternative is to prepare your own at home so that it is clean for 1 week.

What to do to always have a spotless home

A spotless home means cleaning the floors regularly at least once a week with a cleaner suitable for the type of floor. For example, use a special cleaner for wood, ceramic or marble floors, as these are materials with different requirements.

To maintain the hygiene of the floors at home, you can follow some tips, such as:

  • Clean regularly: Clean the floors at least once a week with a cleaner suitable for the type of floor.
  • Remove dirt and dust: use a broom or rag to remove dirt and dust before cleaning the floors.
  • Dry the floors after washing: Dry the floors after cleaning to avoid the formation of mold or stains on the walls and hidden places in the house.
  • Use rugs: Placing rugs or rugs at entry points to your home, such as the front entrance, will help trap dirt and dust before they reach the rest of the house.
  • Remove your shoes before entering the house: To prevent dirt and bacteria from entering the house, it is advisable to take off your shoes before entering or as soon as you enter, wear something comfortable, it helps not to carry the dirt from the soles around.

Homemade cleaner: 1 week cleaned

Do-it-yourself no longer knows obstacles, on the net we can find many solutions to our problems without necessarily having to resort to commercial products, which are not only expensive but also very polluting. Today’s trick to have a spotless house for a whole week comes from the past and involves the use of a liquid soap, commonly used to wash dishes by hand , and aspirin. So, let’s take a look at what we need and how we go about making it happen.


  • Dishwashing liquid,
  • aspirin,
  • apple cider vinegar,
  • alcohol at 160 °F,
  • sodium bicarbonate.

Let’s start by pouring dishwashing liquid in a bowl, it is enough to fill it half. So, let’s take the very common aspirin we have at home, 6/7 will be enough, and let’s start crushing it with a spoon until we crush it into powder.

The properties of aspirin in gardening are well known, in fact, when we cut flowers in vases, putting half aspirin, thanks to the salicylic acid of which it is composed, opposes the formation of ethylene that makes plants wither and helps us to stay they bloom longer. On the contrary, not everyone knows the properties of aspirin to remove grease stains and fight bacteria, in fact those who know it also use it to wash clothes.


Once the aspirins are ” pulverized “, we mix them with the detergent in the cup and add half a glass of apple cider vinegar. Also, in this case we have a natural product that is often used in the home for disinfection. It also removes bad odors not only from surfaces, but also in the air. We combine in the bowl another half glass, but alcohol at 160 °F.

In this case, we inserted a product that can eliminate bacteria and sterilize and improve the cleaning power of soap. In a new container, pour half a quart of water and add 3 tablespoons of baking soda and let it dissolve by stirring with a spoon. We combine the two compounds in a single container and amalgamate then pour everything into a plastic bottle and drill a hole in the cap with the heated tip of a screwdriver or awl to make dispensing more practical.

The thousand uses of homemade cleaner

With this homemade cleaner, we can easily take care of house cleaning, from stainless steel pans to kitchen shelves to washing and disinfecting bathroom fixtures. Perfect for disinfecting the toilet as it removes bacteria and neutralizes bad odors. We can use it to wash the shower tray and tiles to remove traces of limescale.