Already we find it difficult to endure the presence of flying insects like flies, but if in addition we have to live with those disgusting silverfish that creep around in our kitchen. Noway! Sure, although they are not dangerous, these little nocturnal critters are really annoying. Especially since they usually appear in wet areas in search of food. No wonder you sometimes notice them in the pantry, bathing in your bag of flour, rice or cereal. But these insects are also cavorting in your basement and bathroom. Is your home infested with them? Fortunately, silverfish have a weak point: certain odors repel them. Here are some infallible weapons to safely deter them.

Are silverfish harmful?

The downside of silverfish is that they only move at night, avoid light, and secretly hide in cracks. Spotting it easily is quite a challenge! However, we know that it especially appreciates warm and humid places. Therefore, you may notice silverfish in the bathroom and kitchen. Although they live on sugar and starch, these little buggers will eat anything and can feed on books, newspapers, various fabrics and even dead insects.

So no, silverfish in itself is not harmful to humans. It does not sting, bite or transmit diseases. However, at home, its presence is painful, as it can cause great damage: In fact, it tends to make holes in wallpaper, clothes, books. If you notice holes and small yellow spots, tell yourself that he was there. Also, it’s hardly encouraging to see a horde of silver beetles marching through your pantry or bathroom. Fortunately, they are very sensitive to certain smells: If you’re smart and choose the right ingredients, you can drive them away very quickly.

Cloves to keep silverfish away

You can already rely on cloves. As much as we love the delicate, calming scent of this spice, silverfish hate it. In question is the eugenol contained in it, which supports many insects. Don’t hesitate to sprinkle some in the bathroom: put some cloves in small bowls and place them in front of the door or in corners of your house that might be infested by silverfish. This natural insect repellent will solve your infestation problem. It is also possible to put some in small bags to install in the closets of the house. You can keep these insects away without resorting to chemical insecticides. A few aromatic herbs and spices will do!

Cinnamon to repel silverfish

Who doesn’t love the heady scent of cinnamon? We love it, but for silverfish it’s a real pain! All the better that you can embalm the house with this delicate smell and take the opportunity to drive away these unwanted things. Take cinnamon sticks and place them in strategic places in your living rooms. If you like, put cinnamon powder in various small bowls and place them on the infested corners. Replace the cinnamon weekly or whenever you feel it is not working.

Lavender essential oil to repel silverfish

Lavender essential oil is great for eliminating bad odors, relaxing the body, and adding a touch of freshness to the bathroom, for example. As a bonus, it’s a formidable weapon against these little beasts! Here’s a simple remedy to keep them out of your home: Mix a teaspoon of lavender essential oil in a cup of water. Pour this solution into a spray bottle and a few sprays in high-risk areas will get rid of these insects once and for all. For this method to be effective, this remedy must be applied once a day.

Baking soda to keep silverfish away

We end in style with this last secret weapon: baking soda. It is the most popular ingredient to banish dirt from the house. But because it’s so versatile, it turns out it’s also great for hunting silverfish. How to use it. Just add some of this white powder to the water when you clean the floor or shelves. After a few days of cleaning, you’ll find that these ugly tenants have taken up residence elsewhere. Bet won!

Good to know: Contrary to what you may think, bleach is not your ally at all, especially in this area. In fact, silverfish appreciate its smell very much. Instead of scaring them away, if you use it frequently, they will be particularly attracted to it and will not leave the house!