Nobody likes to drive a car that smells bad. Instead of buying expensive and toxic perfume atomizers, there is an unstoppable trick to overcome this inconvenience. There’s nothing like a soft and subtle scent to make your daily car ride enjoyable. Say goodbye to chemical air fresheners and make way for natural ones to counteract unpleasant odors.

What trick to perfume your car naturally and at a lower cost?

The smell of tobacco, food or even pets… The interior of your car can give off odors that are anything but pleasant. Here is a trick that could perfume your car for a long time.

  • The clothespin trick to perfume your car

During the fall-winter season, it is common to drive with the windows closed and the heater on to be able to withstand the low temperatures that penetrate the interior of the vehicle. However, by solving the problem of cold, we expose ourselves to an unbearable problem: bad odors. In fact, there are many reasons why your car smells bad. And if that’s the case with you, you’ve probably tried everything to hide it, but it seems that the stench only gets worse. Fortunately, there is an essential, simple, and most importantly, inexpensive trick that will keep you from holding your nose every time you get into your car.

All you need is a wooden clothespin or two and a bottle of essential oil of your choice. It’s best to opt for aromas that are both strong and calming, like cinnamon, citrus, or lavender. However, you can use any other essential oil, just make sure to choose an aroma that appeals to you (your favorite scent will do if you don’t have an essential oil). Put a few drops of essential oil on wooden clothespins or spray them with your favorite perfume, then securely fasten them in your car’s vents. When the heater is turned on, the ventilation system responsible for heat distribution will spread a pleasant fragrance in the passenger compartment of the car thanks to the clothespin.

Another DIY trick to perfume the interior of your car

As with the clothespin trick, there are also several ways to deodorize and scent the interior of your car. Here’s one:

Wool felt car air freshener

What you need:

  • A piece of wool felt
  • String or embroidery floss
  • 5 drops of rose essential oil
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil
  • Scissors

An awl or a punch Cut a small piece of wool felt into any shape you like. Then use the awl or punch to make a small opening at the top. Pour in the drops of essential oil and wait a few minutes for the felt to fully absorb it. Then slip a piece of string through the opening and hang it from your car’s rear-view mirror. Renew essential oils as needed.

These are tips that are really worth it to perfume the interior of your car at a lower price. You will be really happy!