A French research team has achieved huge success by breeding a miracle plant. The “Neo P1” is an air-purifying plant that filters carcinogenic and other dangerous pollutants from the indoor air. The plant is said to purify the air 30 times better than conventional house plants.

20 scientists from the French start-up company “Neoplants” worked on the development of the “Neo P1” for several years. The new plant is ultimately a further breeding of the houseplant Epipremnum aureum, also known as Golden Pothos.

You can find out what is so special about the newly bred plant and where you can buy it here.

What is so special about the “Neo P1”?

The new miracle plant cleans the air in a similar way to a HEPA or suspended matter filter. Other plants can generally do this too. However, the “Neo P1” is so advanced that it filters out as many pollutants from the air as 30 conventional houseplants. According to the researchers, the new houseplant can also combat volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

These pollutants can occur anywhere in the home. They are released by solvents and paints used in furniture, textiles, and cleaning and personal care products. The pollutants are five times more prevalent indoors than in the outside air. The substances formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and xylene are particularly worrisome.

The special thing about the further developed Golden Pothos is not just its high filter performance. In contrast to other plants, it does not store the pollutants it absorbs, but instead converts them into water, amino acids, sugar and oxygen.
Miracle plant needs special care

In order for the air-purifying plant to work, the soil must be treated every month with a special care product – the so-called “Power Drops”. These contain bacteria that are supposed to keep the microbiome in balance. The “Neo P1” is also planted in a special pot.

This is how much the “Neo P1” houseplant costs

You have to invest a whopping $179 for a copy of the air-purifying plant. That’s about the same price as 30 regular Golden Pothos plants. By the way, the “power drops” for caring for the miracle plant are not included in this price. In addition, the “Neo P1” is not yet available in regular stores. However, those interested can sign up for a waiting list on the Neoplants website.

This new, air-purifying plant is undoubtedly a real innovation, but it also requires some care. Would you invest so much money and effort to own such a miracle plant?