Did you know that wood ash from the fireplace can become a very useful ingredient for your plants and your laundry? In fact, wood ash, and not that of the skin, has many properties and also serves as a basic ingredient for the production of lye, here is the process. Wood ash, if we have the opportunity to accumulate it at home, can be a very valuable ally for ecological cleaning at home or even as a home remedy to revive plants. Make sure, however, that it is exclusively made of wood! Let’s see how to take advantage of its properties.

For the basification of acidic soils

If we have acidic soil and want to fertilize it to make it alkaline, we can use ash. Let’s take a spoonful of it and put it on the soil. With a rake we move the soil and then we can spray. In this way we give our plants nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

As a pesticide

On the other hand, if our plants are affected by parasites, we can opt for a water solution in which we dissolve 2 tablespoons of wood ash. We put everything in a spray container and then shake before spraying the leaves and the soil to take advantage of its antiparasitic action.

As a degreaser

We can reuse the same solution at home as a degreaser spray for our encrusted pots. Just spray the solution on the encrustations and then rub with the usual sponge we use to clean dishes. The result on steel pots will be flawless!

For the lye

On the other hand, if we want to make lye at home, the solution for making homemade soaps, we can follow this procedure. We mix 1 cup of ash with 5 cups of water in a pot. We light the fire and boil for 2 hours from the moment of boiling with a lid on medium-low heat. We stir from time to time. We move away from the fire and cover. We let it rest for one night. This will cause the liquor to rise and the ash to settle to the bottom. Now let’s decant the liquid with a cloth, being careful not to drop the ash. Then we pour it into a clear bottle with an old detergent. So, we got our bleach additive and our detergent for the washing machine!