Just 1 glass of it makes grow many flowers both on the balcony and in the garden. This is the only ingredient that will make your plants bloom in no time. Do you want to experience a sudden blooming of your plants? Then prepare this recipe now! Only in this way you can have many flowers both on the balcony and in the garden.

Plants and flowering: why flowers often do not appear

The climate, outdoor temperatures and the attention you pay to your plants are important factors that determine their survival or extinction. Maintaining a garden or balcony with many flowers and plants is certainly not easy. And no, it is not enough to just read about gardening on the Internet to become an expert green thumb.

Often it is also necessary to learn techniques and tricks to help our magnificent green jewels live a long and healthy life. Have you ever wondered why your plants have trouble blooming? Often the fault lies with fickle weather, sometimes with the environment you place them in, and sometimes even with not paying attention to transmission or watering.

To survive and thrive, a plant needs certain essential conditions that, if not given, lead to an unfortunate final fate: the death of our green jewel. Do not worry if you too are waiting for the delayed flowering or it seems that there is nothing. Today you will learn a trick that will make flowers bloom on your balcony or in your garden – you only need one glass of it to experience the magic.

Just 1 jar of it will make a lot of flowers grow in a very short time

If you are eagerly waiting for the flowering process, but think that unfortunately it will not happen, do not worry, we have a secret for you. Getting a plant to bloom is sometimes a really complicated undertaking, especially when you think you have done everything possible to guarantee the best care and attention to our green jewels.  The failed flowering process can depend on some exact factors:

  • unstable weather;
  • unsuitable soil;
  • wrong or failed transmission;
  • incorrect exposure to sunlight;
  • incorrect or failed irrigation;
  • unsuitable chemicals or fertilizers.

If you want to solve the problem of failure to bloom, there is still time. Today we reveal a secret that few know. Only in this way you will have a lot of flowers both on the balcony and in the garden. This natural fertilizer, the preparation of which we will teach you, is not only cheap and quick to prepare , but above all , it is perfect for any type of plant: rose gardens , violets , orchids , succulents. But what is this magic ingredient that will save your plants? Only the potato! Yes, you read correctly. It is this famous tuber that you will surely have at home or that is often the protagonist of your dishes that will do the miracle.

  • The procedure is very simple. Put a potato of the desired size in a blender and add 1 quart room temperature water. Blend at maximum speed for at least 3 minutes. After you have mashed your potatoes, you will have a liquid, but quite thick solution.
  • Pour it into a nebulizer or measuring cup after filtering the liquid through a sieve covered with sterile gauze. Done. Your organic fertilizer is ready to use.
  • All you have to do is pour it on all your plants. Just pay attention to how you apply it: you need to use this technique once every 30 days to make sure you see flowering. The result will be incredible: After a few weeks, many flowers will be born both on the balcony and in the garden.

How is it possible that a tuber like potato can ensure the flowering process? All thanks to nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and other micronutrients in which potatoes are rich. You do not have to buy commercial chemical fertilizers. With just one potato you can achieve a beautiful and long-lasting flowering. Only 1 glass of this compound makes many flowers grow both on the balcony and in the garden.