Try dipping orange peels in water in a plastic bottle. In this way you will save a lot of money.

Orange is one of those much-appreciated citrus fruits and its availability is mainly in the winter months. Mostly from December to February. Orange is rich in vitamin C, but not only that. In fact, it also has a strong antioxidant power and has a calming effect on stress. But it still stimulates brain activity and helps cleanse the body, while also helping with digestion.

In addition, oranges also contain magnesium and potassium, your very valuable substances. The first because it controls the functions of the heart muscle. The second instead, because it helps the proper functioning of the blood circulation. In short, the orange has so many properties.

In fact, thanks to its multiple properties, orange can be used for face and hair treatments. But thanks to the citric acid, it can also be used for cleaning and in this case you need especially the scrubs . So, let’s go and see by putting some peels in water and in a small bottle what happens.

Orange peels are processed for household cleaning

As said, the orange has so many properties and benefits that it can also be used at home for household cleaning. Since the peel contains citric acid, this is really perfect. But it is not enough to take an orange. Let’s see how to put orange peel into a bottle to turn it into a detergent.

First, you have to peel the orange. An operation hated by many who can’t do it properly. But there are several ways to peel the orange. One of them is certainly to push the knife horizontally and get a single strip of peel.

But there are other means by which you can make your hands less dirty. You just have to remove the two ends of the orange with the knife and then use a spoon to create space between the peel and the pulp inside. It will then be enough to make a vertical incision and you will get the peel completely.

After peeling the orange as you prefer, wash the peel with water and salt to remove various residues of parasites or pesticides. At this point, after washing, the orange peel is ready to be cut into strips or as you like. Now pour them into a clean plastic bottle.

You will need to pour the orange peel halfway down the bottle and then pour in a teaspoon of baking soda and water, being careful not to reach the end of the bottle. Since the solution is left to ferment, it must have enough space.

Just let it ferment in a dry place without direct light for about 3 days. Open the cap every day to let the gases out. Now that your orange solution is ready, you can use it to wash dishes and all kitchen surfaces thanks to the citric acid and baking soda.