In this article we will show you a really incredible solution so that your orchid never withers. Here’s what you need to spray to revive your orchid.

Orchids are widespread plants and are appreciated by many people. In fact, for their care it is not necessary to have who knows what experience in gardening. In fact, it is enough to know the characteristics of these plants and take the right measures to never let them wither or die. In fact, not all plants require the same treatments and care. The orchid, for example, prefers to live in low light and in no case in direct contact with the sun’s rays. In fact, he likes to live protected from sources of excessive heat and does not like strong temperature fluctuations anyway.

Nevertheless, the orchid should never lack brightness. Many people have one or more similar plants in their homes. In fact, the orchid is an excellent houseplant and thrives in perfect form near the windows, as long as the sun does not penetrate directly into the house. Therefore, in the milder months, it may be quite useful to put the orchid on the balcony or in the garden. Always make sure that the sun does not directly hit the leaves and roots. It may happen that your orchid loses vitality and health. However, in this article we will show you a really incredible natural way to return vitality to your plant. You will no longer run the risk of it withering away. Here you will find everything you need to know about it.

Orchids always strong and healthy: how to prevent them from withering

We’ve talked many times about the damage the sun’s rays can do to your orchid. In fact, intense heat can cause the roots of the plant to dry out irreparably. However, there are many methods to never let this plant dry out and always ensure a lush bloom. In fact, the orchid has very beautiful flowers. Therefore, it is important that it thrives and is healthy.

Besides the sun, the plant also suffers from waterlogging. It is important to keep the plant moist often but avoid soaking the roots with water. It may happen that the orchid loses vitality. Therefore, to restore the plant, it is advisable to water it only when necessary. In the hottest months of the year, watering is more frequent, as usual.

In addition, the orchid should never lack the right fertilizer. In fact, it needs a permeable soil rich in potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and other elements. In this article we will show you how to give new strength to your orchid with a special solution of water and other ingredients. Here you will find all the details. It is advisable to make a precise fertilizer, not only with aloe vera leaves. Let’s analyze how to make this mixture and when to spray it on the leaves of your orchid.

Spray this mixture and the plant will bloom perfectly and be healthy again

First, get an aloe vera leaf and cut it with a knife. The resulting aloe vera gel is very valuable for the roots of your orchid, as they will be optimally stimulated. In addition, aloe vera allows the retention of moisture and guarantees the restoration of withered leaves of the orchid. So, what to do?

Also get 2 eggshells, as they contain a lot of calcium. Now you just need to mix the eggshells and aloe vera in a container with about 1.5 quart of water. After you have strained everything, add another 3 quarts to the mixture.


Put the resulting mixture in a spray bottle. However, to get a little more mass, you must first perform another procedure. Take some absorbent cotton and dip it in the mixture of aloe vera and eggshells. Then spread the absorbent cotton on each withered leaf of the orchid.

Make this gesture every two days and you will find that the aloe vera gel – very rich in mineral salts and vitamins – will restore vitality to your orchid. In addition, the aloe vera gel effectively moisturizes the withered leaves, making them ever green again and naturally protected from the attack of insects and parasites. With the mixture in the spray container, you can then water your plant regularly. In fact, watering with water, aloe vera gel and eggshells, as in the previous method, restores strength to your orchid. The roots are saturated with mineral salts and vitamins and will soon be healthy again.