Orchids are fascinating, they are one of the flowers that scare the most when we have to take care of them. One more reason to know which popular ingredient makes them last extra-long. If you also love orchids, in the following article you will find some useful information.

Elegance, harmony and beauty: orchids

They can rightly be considered one of the most elegant flowers that you can get, their perfect symmetry has always represented elegance, harmony, an almost sensual beauty and love. In fact, it is often given as a symbol of reciprocated affection and our passion. But besides their known or unknown meaning, orchids with their bright colors add a pleasant colorful touch to our four walls. Their extreme beauty makes us think that such a houseplant, although the opposite is true, is difficult to grow profitably at home.

Vase with white orchids

Orchid is a plant of tropical origin, which is well suited to life in our homes. However, there are some precautions to be taken: Sufficient light, watering and nutrients are the conditions that make them not only hardy, but also necessary for them to thrive year after year.

White vinegar for orchids?

One of the most common questions orchid owners ask is whether it is true that vinegar can be used as a fertilizer for orchids? Are there any advantages or disadvantages of adding vinegar to orchids? It must be said that vinegar is a liquid with a high content of acetic acid, which if applied directly to leaves and roots will damage them, whether it is orchids or other plants. However, we can use vinegar to get rid of insect infestations, a fairly common problem, especially in flowers. So, as a preventive measure against these flying insects, we can put a 7 fl oz glass of water, two teaspoons of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of oil.

Once the ingredients are mixed in the jar, it is placed next to the orchids. The vinegar will repel flies and mosquitoes, the oil will ensure that the flies and insects that fall in will not stick and come out because of the oil. With this trick you can see the first results after just one night, besides this does not cause any problems to the plant, except for the smell that some may not like.

Vinegar and eggshells as fertilizer

Vinegar as a fertilizer for your orchid should be used in conjunction with eggshells. After the eggshells are washed and dried, they need to be finely ground (we can do this with a simple blender), the more the shells are in powder form, the better they are for the purpose.

Once the eggshells are ground into powder, they must be placed in a container with a lid, in which we pour 3 fl oz of white vinegar. Immediately, the two components begin to react chemically. The amount of vinegar should be enough to cover the eggshell with your finger. Even though the eggshell contains a lot of calcium, we cannot get 100% of it unless we mix it with vinegar. The calcium in the shell, where it is in the form of carbonate, is insoluble in water but soluble in acetic acid. Vinegar has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, but has a high acidity, if you pour it directly on the pint would have very harmful consequences. With the lid closed at first, let it soak for an hour and then leave it open for two days.

Treatment of orchids with sprays

After two days of rest, the mixture is filtered and 1 tbsp is added to a pitcher with 1 quart of water. At this point, we can put the treated water in a spray can, now the mixture is ready. We can use it for orchids, both on the leaves and on the ground. In this case, we need to water no more than 5 tablespoons and once a month.