How to make orchids last long naturally? Here is the inexpensive trick to make your plants strong and lush.

Orchids are undoubtedly among the most beautiful and elegant houseplants. Keeping them beautiful and lush requires careful care, the use of fertilizers and the right dosage of water and light. Not to mention the flowering, which occurs only when the plant is in excellent condition. Certainly, they are not exactly plants for everyone, but with the right precautions it is possible that they will last a really long time. Let’s see how to do it with a do-it-yourself method.

Orchids, fascinating houseplants

Until a few years ago, growing orchids was thought to be for the few, as the plants cost considerable money and, most importantly, required a greenhouse.

Over the years, many species of orchids have been imported, even from colder countries, which are therefore very suitable for cultivation in homes without the need for special equipment. This and the hybrid species created by researchers have made orchids much more popular and less expensive. In fact, orchids are originally tropical plants from Asia and America and can reach growth heights of up to 23 inch. Their care does not require daily attention, but that does not mean it is easy.

In fact, there are many fertilizers for orchids on the market that help them to be at their best. For a more economical solution, you can opt for a homemade fertilizer. You only need one main ingredient: a small potato.

Make an economical and effective fertilizer

To give your orchids the right vitality, all you need is a small potato (1 ounce) and a quart of water.

But why a potato?

Potatoes as fertilizer

Perhaps few know that potatoes are tubers with excellent properties even outside the kitchen. In particular, they are widely used in horticulture because of their excellent fertilizing properties. For example, potato peels can be added to ordinary soil as a natural fertilizer. Potatoes contain potassium, which helps plants grow vigorous and lush, but most importantly, it helps them during flowering. Even halved potatoes are often used to make cuttings of other plants such as roses or geraniums, acting as a real “incubator” for the development of the roots of the cutting. But now let’s see how this tuber, with its many properties, can help us make our orchids grow lush.

How to make orchid fertilizer from a potato

To make your own fertilizer for orchids, you just need to cut 1 ounce of potato into pieces, put them in the blender and add a quart of strictly lime-free water. Let the blender run until you get a smooth mixture. Filter the liquid using a sieve to remove any residue and pour it into a bottle using a sprayer.

Now you just need to spray the mixture generously on the leaves and roots of your orchids twice a month to make the plant grow stronger and healthier. The best time for this procedure is the morning or early afternoon. Of course, the remains of our homemade fertilizer can be used for other plants, they will undoubtedly benefit greatly.