Rules of conduct and tips on how to do your business outside.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trekking through the mountains, unwinding on a secluded stretch of beach or on a bike-packing trip in the great outdoors – at some point your bladder will start to pinch. But what to do when there is no public toilet to be seen far and wide? What do you have to consider when using the natural toilet for small and big business?

Outdoor toilet: Respect nature

Basically, you should leave nature the way you found it. That is, any kind of garbage, so wipes, toilet paper, diapers, tampons or pads must be taken back in a bag and must not be left lying around. Depending on the composition, these things rot very slowly.

Therefore, it is recommended for outdoor enthusiasts to always have a bag with them. Small tip: A crushed aspirin tablet or slightly damp tea bags should neutralize odors from used paper. A so-called Ziplock bag can be closed and transported in the outer side compartment of the backpack.

The right place for the quiet room

It goes without saying that you should look for a place where you won’t be seen to do your business, big or small. In nature, bushes and forests are ideal. The most important thing is to be far enough away from houses or children’s playgrounds.

If there is no other way, it is imperative to choose the natural toilet not near rivers and lakes. In this way, the hiker avoids the possible spread of pathogens. While the germ load in the urine is still relatively small and can lead rather to an odor nuisance, but not to contamination, one must pay attention with the large business again more to the place. This is because solid excreta from people often contain a variety of germs, bacteria and viruses that should not be spread in the environment.

And you should also take a look at the underground. Slopes should be avoided as well as rocks, flat and earthy conditions are best. The natural toilet should be located so that it can be easily reached by rain. To avoid skin irritations and allergic reactions, one should also watch out for poisonous plants and avoid them. The same applies to animals, because ants, ticks or mosquitoes can quickly become annoying companions when doing business.

Special features of the big toilet business

While the small business can be done quite quickly and calmly, the big business requires a few special features. In order not to leave any traces, you should dig a hole about 6 inches deep. Here only the excrements belong purely, toilet paper or similar must be collected and taken away. If you don’t have a spade with you, you can use a stick. Alternatively, you can take large, non-toxic leaves from the maple or beech tree, which can also be buried.

Unthinkable in the forest, but possible in the desert, is to burn the toilet paper with a lighter. But here you should be absolutely sure that there is no fire hazard. When you are done, the hole should be well closed again and covered with branches and leaves, so that curious animals do not start digging here. To warn others, you can mark the spot with a branch that you stick vertically into the ground. And to avoid passing on germs on your hands to other people, it is best to use disinfectant.