Growing herbs indoors is a very simple task and requires almost no effort. After explaining how to grow some of the most popular species, we move on to another important plant that you should definitely have in your kitchen. Let’s see how to grow parsley in a pot to have on hand!

The complete instructions for growing parsley in an apartment

Parsley is a flagship of our kitchens and is used in all our recipes, from the simplest to the most sophisticated! It’s no secret that it’s indispensable all year round. So, what can you do to have it on hand every day? We start growing parsley at home because there is nothing complicated. In fact, aromatic herbs in pots have recently become a trend that also serves as a natural interior decoration. Do not wait any longer and discover our complete guide to always have fresh parsley!


  • How to plant parsley from seed tips and tricks What land for parsley

To successfully plant your parsley, you first need to keep two important tips in mind. First, parsley is a biennial plant, but it should be grown as an annual because it loses its flavor in the second year. This means that you need to grow it from seed every year. And secondly, you need to choose the right container – a fairly wide pot with holes in the bottom for good drainage, as well as a saucer to catch excess water. To start planting in early spring.

Once the essentials are obtained, get potting soil for aromatic herbs, preferably organic, and put it in the selected container. Sow the seeds about 0.7 inch deep and water them. Regular watering is required as the soil needs to be moist but not soggy. Your seedlings will start to appear after three weeks. If you have a large amount of seedlings, it is better to thin them by cutting off the excess with sharp scissors or pinching them with your fingers. Do not pull them out, as this may damage the taproots of surrounding plants.


  • Growing parsley indoors at the edge of the window in the kitchen

Growing parsley indoors is a very simple task, especially in terms of the location of the plant. According to experts, it is better to keep it in the kitchen on a windowsill, where steam from cooking and frequent use of water contribute to moist air. If you put your potted parsley in another room, you will need to spray it from time to time.

Growing parsley in pots: Mastering watering

  • Growing parsley in pots How and when to water Growing aromatic herbs in the kitchen

After planting potted parsley and its location, watering must be mastered to enjoy a fresh and healthy aromatic herb. Watering is mainly about keeping the soil slightly moist and emptying the saucer to prevent the roots from remaining soaked with water. If your plant is growing in the kitchen, humidity is consistent and light watering (with a small amount of water) is required. On the other hand, if your parsley is installed elsewhere, you should water it from time to time, especially if the leaves appear dry. Do not forget to empty the saucer after each watering.

Parsley requires regular fertilization during its growing season. Professional gardeners recommend using a high-quality water-soluble fertilizer, which you can apply every two weeks when watering.

Our tip: use homemade natural fertilizer, as it is practical, cheap and 100% natural.

Harvest and storage

  • Growing parsley in an apartment, when and how to harvest

Harvesting your parsley can begin when it has developed true leaves. It is best to wait until they count at least 10 before harvesting to ensure the plant is strong enough to survive leaf removal. Harvest parsley as you go, taking leaves only from the outside of the plant. Be careful not to harvest more than half of the plant. It is best to pick a few small sprigs periodically to encourage new growth and provide a continuous supply of leaves.

How to grow parsley in a pot in the kitchen tips for preservation

On the preservation side, freshly cut parsley can be stored like flowers in a glass of water or in the refrigerator but placed between two damp paper towels. If you store your parsley long term. On the preservation side, freshly cut parsley can be stored like flowers in a glass of water or in the refrigerator, but placed between two damp paper towels. If you want to keep your parsley long term, you have two options:

  • Wash the parsley leaves thoroughly and gently pat them dry with paper towels. Wait about 30 minutes until the parsley is dry, but not dehydrated, and place the leaves in freezer bags. Then place in the freezer.
  • The second option is to do all of the above steps, but the parsley should dry completely in a dehydrator or in the air. Store in a jar with an airtight seal.
  • Take into account that dried or frozen parsley is boring for a salad, but pleasant for the preparation of several dishes.

Our clever tricks for growing parsley in a pot indoors

  • How to grow parsley in a pot in the kitchen Vicious tips and tricks

To successfully grow your potted parsley, it’s important to remember a few good gestures. First, consider soaking the seeds in water for 24 hours before planting. Then, dry them thoroughly and sow them 20 inches apart in a row. And secondly, beware of unwanted marriages! If you have decided to combine aromatic plants in a planter, you know that parsley combines well with chives, sorrel and basil.