It’s a subject that often raises eyebrows: when the man insists on peeing standing up, the other inhabitants of the house usually have to get annoyed because of the unpleasant stains on the toilet seat. But peeing standing up is simply healthier for the prostate – or maybe not?

Standing up to pee – what the science says

The question of whether it’s better to relieve oneself standing or sitting is often less medical. More often than not, it’s a question of domestic hygiene, comfort or male pride. Because, even though it’s always been said: to date, no study has demonstrated the negative influence of sitting on the prostate.
Urologists are categorical: for a healthy prostate, it’s essentially irrelevant whether you’re standing or sitting down to pee. Sitting does no harm at all. Quite the contrary: people who already have prostate problems should even sit down. And for a very specific reason.

Does everyone sit down? Yes, please!

People who pee standing up now need to be very strong, because there’s an important point to bear in mind: if you have prostate problems, it’s better to sit down to urinate. This is the conclusion of a study.

On the other hand, if you continue to urinate standing up, you may even be putting your health at risk. This is because, when standing, the muscles of the lower abdomen and pelvis contract, making urination even more difficult. As a result, the bladder cannot be completely emptied, and the risk of cystitis increases.

Men with urination problems due to an enlarged prostate should consult a doctor in any case. The resulting infection can, in the worst case, damage the kidneys.

If the prostate is healthy, everyone is free to relieve themselves according to their personal preferences. In the interests of general bathroom hygiene, however, people who pee standing up should wipe a little more often – or simply sit down for the sake of the house.