If you want to aromatize the house and eliminate the bad smell of your rooms, perfume the house with the stove and with products that we have at home. Read on if you want to find out how.

In winter, the oven is more enjoyable to use, as well as being an additional source of heat and capable of preparing tasty and hot dishes. So why not take the opportunity to give the house a pleasant fragrance?

Perfume the house

Sooner or later, while walking down the street or in a friend’s house, everyone has smelled a perfume that has awakened in us a feeling of olfactory attraction or repulsion. Scents create strong memories; they are part of a kind of “DNA” that characterizes a place. Each of us knows more or less what our home smells like. Sometimes humidity, the location, some furniture or old carpets can change the smell of our home. To create pleasant places and so that our home always smells good, we discover together how to perfume the house. It must be said that it is totally useless to buy a thousand air fresheners if we do not have a clean house.

The first step before perfuming your home is to rid it of bad odors that come from various sources, as well as dirt and moisture, our shoes and even our pets. Our sense of smell gets used to the odor that “stagnates” in the house, but the same does not happen when friends and relatives visit us!

The house smells like the oven

If you belong to the group of people who smell like home with the stove, you know how pleasant it is to return to a warm and cozy environment at the end of a working day! So, without looking too hard for diffusers with exotic scents or those that don’t represent us.

The oven is often used in the kitchen. Its use can create a bad odor that cannot be easily eliminated. This means that when the oven is turned on again, not only will the taste of what we are cooking be compromised, but a bad smell will spread throughout the house. And nobody wants to bake cookies that taste like chicken! However, we have a way to remove bad odors from your oven and make the whole house smell great at the same time.

Water and vinegar

Vinegar, we can use both wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar, is able to neutralize bad smells and thoroughly degrease the oven. To do this, simply make a mixture of water and vinegar that we put in a spray bottle to be able to spray it in the oven. After letting it work for about thirty minutes, we can rinse it out and no longer smell anything.

Water and lemon

One of the perfumes that most evokes a fresh and clean feeling. Well, this cannot be achieved with artificial fragrances, but simply by using lemon. To make this natural deodorant, you need to proceed in the same way as with vinegar. We need to prepare a solution of lemon juice and water in a quantity of 1 pint of water and 5 fl oz of lemon. After spraying it on the entire surface, including the grilles, leave it to work and then rinse it off.

One way to clean the oven and spread a pleasant fragrance is to use sliced lemons (two or three will do) and leave them in a pot with a little water. After turning the oven on at a low temperature, leave it on for 30 minutes until the water has evaporated. Once the oven has cooled down, simply wipe the now degreased parts with a microfiber cloth. In addition to a more fragrant oven, a pleasant lemon scent will have spread through the kitchen.