Each person is unique and has their own personality traits. But there are different approaches to categorizing these characteristics and understanding them better.

One of the most well-known models for classifying personalities is the 4-color model. This model is based on the ideas of Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung and was developed by Americans Don Lowry and Bonnie Lowry. In this article, we will look at the four personality types according to the 4-color model and take a closer look at their characteristics.

What are the 4 types of this model?

The 4-color model divides personalities into four types: red, blue, green, and yellow. Each type has its own characteristics and behaviors.

  • The red type

The red type is also known as the energetic type.

People with this personality type are goal-oriented, ambitious, and assertive.

You like to make decisions and take responsibility.

They are often very practical and have a clear idea of what they want to achieve.

Red personalities tend to be very energetic and are not afraid of challenges.

However, they tend to be impatient and sometimes even bossy.

They do not like their decisions to be questioned and can be very direct and argumentative.

Bosses and team leaders often have a strong red personality.

  • The blue type

The blue type is also known as the thinking type.

This personality type is logical, analytical, and likes to plan ahead.

He has a strong desire for order and structure and is very concerned that everything is correct and precise.

He doesn’t like unpredictability and disorder.

Blue personalities tend to be very reliable and conscientious, but they can also be very reserved and often have difficulty making decisions.

They tend to control their emotions and can sometimes be perceived as distant.

  • The green type

The green type is also known as the relationship-oriented type.

People with this personality type are empathetic, compassionate and sensitive.

Interpersonal relationships are very important to them and they are often very good at resolving conflicts and finding compromises.

They do not like tension or conflict and will often do whatever they can to create harmony.

Green personalities tend to be very loyal and faithful, but they can also sometimes be too lenient and have difficulty setting clear boundaries.

  • The yellow type

Yellow is a type also called spontaneously oriented.

People with this personality type are spontaneous, optimistic and extroverted.

They like to try new things and are often very creative.

Yellow types are generally very adaptable and not afraid of change.

However, they can also be unreliable and often have difficulty concentrating on one thing.

They are also very sociable and often have many friends, but can also be superficial.

How to use the template?

It is important to emphasize that each person has a unique blend of these personality types.

Few people can say that they are exclusively red, blue, green or yellow.

Rather, there are different forms of personality traits that manifest in different ways in each person.

However, the 4-color model can be very useful in better understanding one’s own and others’ behavior and communicating accordingly.

By understanding different personality types, you can better respond to the needs and interactions of others and work together more effectively.