Do your houseplants regularly die because you keep missing the right time to water them? With the following trick, this will never happen to you again! Because pine cones can help you properly care for your houseplants. Whether in the living room, bedroom or bathroom – houseplants beautify the apartment and even clean the air. But to do this, houseplants need to be properly cared for and, above all, properly watered. A curious trick from Japan should help you and save the life of your plants. 

Care for houseplants: With this trick they never die again 

Dried out soil, discolored leaves or bent stems – dead or sick houseplants are a pretty sad sight. But to take better care of your houseplants in the future, you don’t need expensive products like watering wands or moisture meters. Instead, you can use a pine cone as a natural tool to keep your plants healthy. The pine cone trick is currently the life hack par excellence among plant connoisseurs. 

This is how the pine cone trick works 

You’re guaranteed to find a pine cone or two in that box of Christmas decorations. Just take a cone and stick it about two inches deep into the soil of your houseplant. If the soil is moist, the scales of the pine cone will close. If the soil is too dry, the cone will open. This way you can always tell when your houseplant needs watering. The reason why this trick works is due to the nature of the pine cone. Namely, in wet weather, the cones close to protect their seeds. This makes the pine cones the perfect helper to identify the water needs of your houseplants and take care of them properly. You can, of course, use pine or spruce cones for this trick.  

At the same time, the pine cone trick also saves you from watering your plants too much. So, from now on, nothing can go wrong when taking care of your houseplants. This trick is guaranteed to save the life of a plant or two! Have you ever tried it?