If you plant four figs in a pot with soil, you will get magnificent fig plants.

Figs on the ground

Fig plant, an ornamental plant that produces delicious fruit, can be planted and propagated in several ways. Figs are very appreciated fruit, fragrant and rich in useful substances. These fruit trees should be grown in pots or in the garden, but always in a fully sunny and sheltered place. To find out how to get beautiful fig plants by planting 4 figs in the pot, I recommend you to follow the procedure described here very carefully.

Properties of the fig

The fig or fig tree, which belongs to the Moraceae family, is a plant that prefers direct light. However, it is important to avoid high temperatures, so it is better to place it in sheltered places. There are many varieties of figs, those with dark skin are grown for fresh consumption or for making jam.

Figs, for Buddhists a symbol of truth, can be eaten both fresh and dried. It must be said that figs are rich in mineral salts, vitamins and fiber. Regarding calories, it should be noted that fresh figs have few calories, while dried are more caloric.

Fig fruit

The fruits of the plant ripen around August and September, but there are also late fruits in October. Once the figs feel soft, they can be eaten. It should be noted that it is better to wear gloves when harvesting, so as not to come into contact with the white juice they produce. These are fruits rich in minerals and have great energy power. The fruits should be stored in the refrigerator and can be used for various recipes.

Tips for planting and caring for fig trees

Planting the fig plant is very simple, as it is a very long-lived tree that bears fruit several times a year. It is a rustic plant that is widely distributed in the Mediterranean basin.

If you choose to grow the fig in a pot, it is better to use pots with a width of at least 23 inches and holes in the bottom for proper drainage, since it does not like moist soil. For it to grow well, it is important to place it in a place protected from the cold. This beautiful Mediterranean plant does not resist rain much, causing the fruit to rot. It develops well at a temperature between 77 and 86 degrees and has little resistance to cold.

These are plants that require a warm and sunny climate and can reach a height of 5 yards. The best soil for growing figs is certainly fertile, but also withstands dry soil well. Cultivation can be done from transplants or cuttings and can be done in spring or fall.

Propagate the fig by planting four figs in one pot

To propagate a fig plant, you can start with four figs that you place in a pot filled with soil. First, you need to cut off the tops of the four figs with a kitchen knife. Then you need to place the four figs in small, evenly spaced furrows on the ground.

At this point, after covering the figs with soil, it is necessary to smooth the soil well and water it with water. After that, the clay pot with the buried figs must be covered with a plastic container. Within a few weeks, the small fig plants will appear.

Once the fig plants have developed, you need to uproot them from the pot, cut the roots a little and plant them in individual pots to get four beautiful fig trees. Within a few weeks, the fig plant will take on a bushy appearance.

In order for small fig trees to bear fruit and develop, it is important to keep the plants in a sunny but sheltered place on the balcony or in the garden. In addition, it is necessary to water the fig plant regularly and fertilize only in the first six months of the year.