Here we reveal why you should plant a rose in a tomato. You will have to wait a few minutes to see the effects. Why everyone plants a rose in a tomato and why you should too. No one would have ever expected this.

How to grow roses in the best way

Roses are certainly one of the most beautiful flowers that we can grow in our garden or balcony. However, not everyone knows that it is necessary to cultivate them optimally so that they grow and are beautiful and lush. Therefore, today we will give you some tips that will help you grow this plant optimally. First of all, you need to know that roses do not particularly like cold temperatures or even frost.

Precisely for this reason it is necessary to grow them in spring and summer. In winter and autumn, on the contrary, they can be grown in thermal containers that provide some contrast to the low temperatures. In some areas of the world, it is convenient to grow roses in the fall, because then the soil has stored all the heat released in the summer. In this way, the roses grow lush, and you can enjoy this trick directly the following spring.

You should also know that some roses do not even tolerate excessive heat and southern exposure. Therefore, we generally recommend that you keep your plants in a cool and airy place, but still protected from bad weather and excessive heat. If you want to grow climbing rose plants, we also advise you not to plant the roots directly near the wall: There, the soil is usually too dry and prevents the lush growth of this wonderful plant. On the contrary, it is perfectly fine to grow them already at 12 inches.

But why so many want to plant a rose in a tomato? We will tell you the reasons below

Many plants a rose in a tomato because this fruit allows the plant in question to grow stronger and lusher. If you also want to experiment with this practice, you need to know that you need to cut rose branches from your plants, and they must be about 8 inches tall.

After removing the thorns, cut a tomato and form a wedge. Now stick the branch in the middle of the tomato and bury the fruit further so that it is completely covered. After a while you will notice that the rose comes back to life: Its leaves will become healthier and its colors more vivid. In addition, after about a month and a half, you may decide to uproot the rose and plant it in a place where it has more space.

In doing so, you will find that the branch in question has now formed so many roots that it can be a completely autonomous plant. You can use this trick on all rose plants in your home and garden and you will notice the beneficial effect immediately and even after a few months.