Food scraps, toilet paper … It would be much easier if everything could end up on the floor of the toilet and by flushing all this waste could disappear into the sewage as soon as possible!

Why not flush everything down the toilet?

Have you ever seen signs in public restrooms prohibiting you from flushing certain items down the toilet? Yes, well, it’s not free! Flushing certain items down the toilet can be harmful to your drains and the environment. A bit like mistaking your sink for a trash can or food waste disposal. But who hasn’t been tempted to do that? However, removing certain items or waste in the toilet can cost a lot of plumbing. Dear readers, in this article we will explain why you should avoid this kind of practice!

  • Do not flush toilet paper when it rolls down the toilet

Toilet paper rolls belong in the trash and not in the toilet! Even if you buy toilet paper rolls that are labeled biodegradable, you should avoid throwing them down the toilet bowl, even though the temptation is strong! In some cases, they can contaminate water through decomposition and interfere with the proper functioning of sewage treatment plants.

  • Do not flush oil, food scraps or soup down the toilet

Have you been frying food and don’t know what to do with the oil in your fryer? You think throwing it down the toilet, bad idea! This harmless gesture could be terrible! Even if grease or broth is liquid, it needs to be disposed of somewhere other than the toilet. When in contact with water, grease solidifies and clogs your pipes.  Heck, calling a plumber can be expensive! Here’s a tip: Before you do the dishes, remember to use paper to remove grease from silverware before flushing.

  • Do not flush tampons or sanitary napkins down the toilet

Just like intimate wipes or condoms, tampons or sanitary napkins must not be flushed down the toilet.  No hygienic protection has a place at the bottom of your toilet bowl. Not only can they clog your pipes, but they can also pollute sewage treatment plants. This can pose a real danger to marine life. Once at the bottom of the oceans, they could ingest them.  Therefore, they must end up in household waste to avoid an ecological disaster.

  • Do not flush cat litter down the toilet

Cat litter has no place in the toilet bowl! Regardless of whether or not it is represented by manufacturers as biodegradable, it must be disposed of elsewhere. It contains a substance that can clog the pipes and filter grates at the entrance to sewage treatment plants.

Why should hair not be flushed down the toilet?

Are you used to throwing your hair into the toilet in large quantities? Well, change this bad habit quickly because it could be clogging your drains. Hair thrown into the toilet clogs the filter grids and also damages the septic tank, especially the pump motor and the septic systems.  Therefore, they have as little business in the toilet as dental floss or cotton swabs.

What is allowed to be flushed down the toilet?

It is not complicated; the list is reduced! The toilets can only meet your natural needs, urine and stool and toilet paper. Other waste must be put in the garbage can, following the sorting rules, to avoid contamination of groundwater, which could be a danger to animals.

As the Water Information Center reminds us, wastewater treatment in sewer systems generates a lot of waste. Drugs or drug residues that are flushed down the toilet damage the entire ecosystem by becoming a hazard to animals and microorganisms that live in water bodies. So, for your good and the planet’s, remember to separate your waste properly.