If the toilet is clogged, you don’t necessarily need a plunger. If you don’t have such a tool within your four walls, you can use home remedies instead. Because these also solve the blockage in the shortest time.

Solve clogging in toilet with home remedies: Cola trick helps solve the problem

Clogged toilet, this can have several reasons. Among the most common is probably a too large amount of toilet paper or wet wipes. But also food leftovers, which you flush down the toilet from time to time, can become a real problem in the bathroom. Attempts to flush larger amounts down the toilet with water usually fail miserably. Instead, the liquid rises to the edge of the toilet and panic sets in that the water will overflow. To prevent this, a cola life hack helps.

Eliminate clogging in the toilet with home remedy: This is how the cola trick works

If one finds that the toilet is clogged, owners of a filled cola bottle can tip the drink into the toilet. This literally solves the problem by itself: Coke has phosphoric acid, which is capable of clearing clogs. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also add some baking soda to the toilet. This is because “the sodium bicarbonate contained in baking soda and the acetic acid form a potent chemical compound in the water, which releases a lot of carbonic acid. This then exerts pressure on the blockage. However, the whole thing should take effect for a few hours before flushing. The waiting time offers even more advantages.