Cleaning the toilet is not exactly one of the nicest tasks we face while performing household chores. Getting the bathroom fixtures shiny again is sometimes really a tall order. The products on the market are quite aggressive and often toxic, in the long run they can damage both the toilet and our health by having to breathe them in during use anyway. Let’s turn instead to products that we can easily find in our pantries; with minimal cost we will get unexpected results. Let’s learn how to make our toilet shiny again simply with some table salt.

Ingredients to prepare a toilet cleaning mixture with table salt

  • 4 ounces of coarse salt,
  • ½ cup of water,
  • A handful of baking soda.

How to prepare toilet cleaning mixture with table salt.

In a bowl we pour all the elements and mix until we can get a rather homogeneous cream. Of course, the presence of coarse salt will not allow us to have a smooth consistency, but this is what makes the remedy effective.

Once the product is ready let’s pour it inside the toilet, adhering it to the walls, and with the broom we scrape in all corners. In case the incrustations are really important, after sprinkling the inner surface of the toilet thoroughly, let it act, even overnight, if necessary. When everything is perfectly clean, all we have to do is flush the toilet to remove any residual product. Our toilet will be perfectly clean and sanitized. In case we also want to provide ourselves with additional protection from limescale after flushing, we pour white wine vinegar inside the bowl odor and limescale will be a distant memory.

Other uses of this sanitizing and whitening mixture

Exactly like the toilet, the other bathroom ceramics can also be whitened with this mixture the technique is always the same, only we will have to use a sponge to pass it over the surfaces, being careful not to use too much energy so as not to ruin them.

From today making our bathroom shiny again will no longer be a problem, we will gain in health and our wallet will thank us!