During your cleaning routine, you will inevitably or even several times walk in your toilet to wipe it down. The toilet bowl can be one of the dirtiest places if not cleaned regularly. Find out why you need to pour flushing solution into your toilet.

Manufacturers are doubling down on their ingenuity to get us to buy the latest toilet cleaning gel. With a bleach formula that makes it a stain-removing, degreasing and disinfecting cleaning product, this product can fight bad odors thanks to its eucalyptus or lemon scent. However, there are tricks to achieve convincing results without spending largely too much on chemical cleaners.

Pour flushing agent in your toilet

Flushing detergent, which you can buy in supermarkets or make at home based on soap and black soap, among others, will unclog your toilet. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Pour the equivalent of half a glass of dishwashing liquid on the bottom of your toilet bowl and let it sit for ten minutes.
  • You then pour a quart of hot water into your toilet and wait another 25 minutes.
  • You will notice that the stagnant water will begin to subside thanks to the action of the flushing agent penetrating the clog and lubricating the passageway.
  • You can then flush the toilet so that everything flows into the sewer.

Here are 4 more tips for cleaning your toilet

If the soapy water didn’t convince you, here are a few more tips to get rid of your clogged toilet

  1. Clean the toilet with vinegar

Pour distilled white vinegar into a pot and add hot water. Stir everything well and pour the mixture into your toilet. It is necessary to wait for about twenty minutes before you can observe any result.

  1. Clean the toilet with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar

Pour white vinegar in the bottom of the bowl and add a few tablespoons of baking soda. You will see, the reaction will not take long. It will foam immediately. This mixture will eliminate bad odors, deposits on the bottom of the bowl and yellowish and brownish stains on the sides.

  1. Descale the toilet with paper towels and vinegar

Opt for paper towels soaked in white vinegar for ecological and economical cleaning. Line the inside of your bowl with the paper and let it sit for a few hours or even overnight. For best results, you can sprinkle the paper with baking soda. When you think the operation is complete, remove the paper and flush the toilet. Then scrub with a toilet brush to remove stubborn stains.

  1. Clean the toilet with boiling water and soda crystals

Boiling water and soda crystals also go hand in hand for effective and ecological cleaning of your toilets. To do this, pour about a quart of boiling water into your toilet and three tablespoons of soda crystals. Mix the solution well with your toilet brush and let it soak for about twenty minutes.

And off you go! There are a variety of solutions available to you to make your toilet the cleanest place in the house. All you have to do is find the method that works best for you and apply it. So, on your mark, get set, clean up!!!