That’s how you can clean the bottom of your pool to make it perfect every time: just a few moves and you’ll be ready to dive in.

With this incessant heat, which has made the days unbearable, you will feel more and more the need to cool off. For those who have not yet gone on vacation, it will surely be a matter of days, while those who have resumed normal activity will have to wait until the weekend to go to the beach for a while.

Then there will be them, those who are lucky enough to have a pool in their backyard. Whether large or small, it will allow you to be able to cool off whenever you wish. A small oasis right in your home, which will surely trigger the envy of your neighbors and beyond. Obviously, however, a very important thing that you should never overlook, especially if the size is significant, will be to keep it always well cleaned and sanitized to ensure everyone’s safety.

How to clean the bottom of the pool? This way it will be really simple

Installing an above-ground pool, has significantly lower costs than in-ground pools, which also require special permits. In both cases, however, their cleaning will be absolutely necessary, so that the water will always remain perfect and you will not encounter unpleasant situations due to the presence of bacteria in it.

The basic steps to keep your pool clean at all times are various. Obviously, the most important ones are installing a filtration system, adding disinfectants such as chlorine and anti-algae, which allow you to always maintain the right pH and proper water purification.

In addition to these, you will need to remove everything that will go into your pool every day, including leaves and various insects.

Once this is done, there is one very important step that will have to be done if not every day, at least every 2-3, which is cleaning the bottom of the pool. In fact, it will be in its bottom, that a greater amount of dirt will be deposited and will create that annoying slippery patina, caused by mold and algae.

How then to make sure it is always perfectly clean?

The classic system involves the use of a mop with hard bristles, which, inserted inside the pool will have to be moved back and forth to remove any residual dirt. This system will obviously be ideal for all those pools that are larger and cannot be emptied every time.

On the other hand, if you have those classic family pools that are easily emptied, in this case you can use very ordinary citric acid. Prepare a mixture with water and citric acid, the larger the area to be cleaned the more product you will have to use, pour it on the bottom and leave it to work. Finally, brush and rinse.

You will see that all the dirt will be gone and you can fill your pool again.