The egg contains many nutrients, proteins, amino acids, minerals … which makes it a cheap ingredient that we all consume throughout the day. It is still necessary to do it in the healthiest way, depending on the needs of each individual. Here is everything you need to know about it! Boiled egg, fried egg, scrambled egg, poached egg or raw egg, so many ways to eat eggs. Still, sometimes you wonder how much you should eat each day and, more importantly, how. Decipher.

Is it good or bad to eat chicken eggs every day?

You see athletes consuming it before every competition, children and adults taking it during breakfast or snacks. Eggs are one of the foods that everyone eats. There are those who eat it for pleasure, while others include it in their meals for their protein intake to build their muscle mass, without forgetting those who separate the egg white from the yolk for taste reasons and vice versa. For all these reasons and many more, we invite you to discover the benefits of eating chicken eggs for the human body and at what point they become a health risk. So, do you eat an egg a day or a carton of eggs a week? Find out if it’s time to reduce or increase your egg servings.

What are the health benefits of eating eggs?

Health benefits or danger to the body, the egg continues to cause debate.  Let’s start by listing their benefits:

  1. According to a study by the American Medical Association, daily consumption of eggs reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 18%;
  2. Folic acid contained in eggs strengthens the immune system;
  3. Thanks to their content of proteins, amino acids and lipids, they contribute to the maintenance of body structure, in particular: Muscles, cells and skeleton;
  4. Thanks to their choline content, eggs play an essential role in the development and function of the brain and memory;
  5. Rich in vitamin E, zinc and phosphorus, eggs strengthen the skin barrier and improve skin and hair quality.

However, it is advisable to consume it in moderation. You can always indulge yourself by accompanying your sandwiches with runny eggs, guacamole and flax seeds, what a treat! After all, an egg a day or a few a week never hurts anyone….

Why not eat too many hard-boiled eggs?

Good cooks will tell you that the best way to spoil your eggs is to overcook them, which is true! This kind of cooking makes them too rubbery and damages the protein structure. That means the best way to consume your eggs is to eat them … raw! Amazing, right? It’s not that disgusting! On the other hand, beware pregnant women, what is raw is strongly discouraged! Hard boiled eggs or raw eggs, the choice is yours!

What egg consumption per day to avoid cholesterol?

Above all, one thing is certain: to be healthy, you need to diversify your sources of protein, especially if you practice an athletic activity. In this case, the consumption of raw eggs should be preferred. In fact, as part of a healthy diet, the general rule is to eat little but varied. It should also be noted that if the egg white is rich in protein, the yolk in turn is rich in lipids. Too much consumption can increase cholesterol levels. Always prefer the egg white and occasionally the yolk. It is not for nothing that athletes such as bodybuilders or athletes can easily consume at least 7 eggs per week .

How many eggs a day to lose weight while maintaining protein intake?

At this point, we agree that eggs are superfoods when consumed in moderation. In fact, they provide the body with essential amino acids, which it cannot produce itself. Not for nothing some prefer them in their diet. This allows them to lose weight as well as build muscle mass.

Eggs can perfectly replace sandwiches with butter and jam, cereals filled with sugar or even pastries, but one thing is for sure, no one can prescribe the number of eggs you should eat per day, except a nutritionist! After studying your diet, they can determine your calorie needs and allocate them to proteins, lipids and sugars … you can then act accordingly. Eggs are always a good idea if cooked and eaten in moderation!