This plant, which we will talk about shortly, is rich in Omega3 and has diuretic properties-you can’t miss it!

Our body needs so many foods that we have vitamins and proteins suitable for our sustenance. That’s why we always try to eat a portion of fruits and vegetables at lunch and dinner: to give more vitamins to our body.

There is one plant in particular that is rich in Omega3 and has diuretic properties. We are sure that if we tell you about it, you will not even know of its existence. It is a plant that, if you have a garden, you have surely seen many times and mistakenly cut down thinking it was wild. In fact, it is actually really good. Let’s see together which plant we are talking about.

You can’t not know this plant: rich in Omega3 and with diuretic properties

The plant we are talking about is purslane. It is nothing but a ‘wild’ plant that grows freely in our garden. This, unlike other wild plants, does not cause problems when eaten, in fact it is suitable for this very reason. In fact, we can say that it has diuretic properties, so it can be eaten if you have a swollen intestine or an irritated stomach, because it helps digestion in a way we cannot even imagine.

It has been used since ancient Egypt as a plant with a healing character for intestinal problems, but at the same time it manages, with its properties, to provide a huge amount of Omega 3. But in what ways can it be eaten?

The ways in which it can be eaten are different: raw, cooked, mixed with other salads, and so on. As for the ‘raw’ mode, this plant can be washed as if it were lettuce, making sure we get rid of soil, various insects and especially pesticides, and put it in a bowl with other types of salad and some arugula; season it with salt and oil (vinegar or lemon depending on your preference) and finally eat it. It will be really delicious.

But it can also be eaten cooked: that means it will be perfect for soups and things like that. Boil it in hot water, on the stove, turn it off, drain the water and put it in a bowl. It will serve to complement soups and stews, giving it that extra touch and special flavor that only it can show.

Obviously it is a very special plant whose benefits few people know about and where to buy it, but rest assured that the moment you have found it and cooked it, you will not be able to do without it. Its flavor will envelop you, but what will really help you to choose it again will be its ‘healing’ properties: if you suffer from stomach-ache, you will no longer be able to do without it, because it will be a real panacea.