Aluminum foil can be a great solution to a common winter problem. Here’s what it is and why you should always have it with you.

Aluminum, also known as aluminum foil, is one of those consumer products that no household should be without. An air and moisture insulating product, you can use it to optimally preserve all foods and extend their shelf life. We often use it in the kitchen to wrap or cover food. It is often used by those who dye their hair at home, as it retains heat and does not allow the color to leak. Aluminum is also widely used in the hobby sector. In short, a material with a wide range of uses. But outside the kitchen, especially in the winter season, aluminum is also excellent to use.

Aluminum, because it is an excellent ally in the winter

Especially in winter, we have to deal with very annoying static electricity. Whether it’s because you easily get the so-called “shock” or because your hair is always messy, inconvenience is always lurking. A simple piece of aluminum foil can help prevent and temporarily contain these problems, which is why you should always have a ball of it in your bag.

Due to the cold air that characterizes the winter season and the use of synthetic or wool clothing, the hair of people with a hair length of at least a few inches often hangs in the air, which may not be the best thing in many situations. In fact, it is enough to remove the hat and the hair is already in the air , and the more you try to straighten it with your hands, the worse the situation becomes. So how do you keep your hair, long or short, in check to avoid the messy “shock” effect caused by static electricity? Only with aluminum.

Why does static electricity build up in my hair?

Due to the dry air, the friction between the hair and a fabric or object, for example, a plastic hairbrush, a down jacket or a woolen hat, creates friction, charging the hair with electricity. Usually, the effect disappears immediately when the air takes on a more humid consistency. However, the problem is more likely to occur in already very dry or damaged hair than healthy hair. In addition, static electricity is amplified by the dry and cold outdoor temperature, which is in contrast to the dry and hot temperature that usually prevails in closed environments.

How can aluminum help your hair?

Since aluminum is a material that is resistant to water, light and air, it is not subject to changes caused by static electricity. Simply rub the aluminum foil over the hair strands to restore them to their original state and release static tension. It is important to perform this step over the entire length, from the roots to the tips, to regain perfectly groomed hair. You can say goodbye to frizz and the disheveled and messy effect caused by static electricity.

For this very reason it is advisable to always have something with you, in your pocket or bag, to quickly solve any problems. You can bring a crumpled sheet of it to spread out when needed, or simply fold it into several pieces, depending on where it is most convenient for you to store it.

Obviously, the effect of aluminum on your hair is temporary and does not last all day. The process can be repeated several times. However, if the problem is due to dry, brittle or damaged hair, it is useful to act on the nutrition and hydration of the hair, both with the right detergents and special supplements.