Many people try this technique: put a plastic bag in the sink drain. Therefore, this will save you from calling the plumber. What happens if you put a plastic bag in the sink drain? The result will surprise you. Many try this wallet-saving technique.

Sink and drain clog: how to fix it without a plumber

Dealing with a clogged sink is certainly an unpleasant, uncomfortable and unhealthy situation that often forces us to resort to the professional services of an expert like a plumber. We know that the maintenance of kitchen accessories or appliances can sometimes be very expensive, especially if the intervention of a technician is required. However, if we follow some suggestions or pay attention to small but essential details, we guarantee that you can delete the installer number from your phone book.

Have you ever had problems with the sink drain? Often food debris ends up in it and clogs it. If a plunger is not enough and not even the products on the market can help you unclog it, you are left with only one solution: call a technician. However, today we want to reveal a technique that has saved the wallets of many. That’s why you should put a plastic bag in the sink drain yourself .

Plastic bag in the sink drain: the technique that saves the wallet

Dealing with a clogged sink drain is one of those truly disgusting tasks that no one wants to deal with. Surely you too have cleaned the drain several times, even on your own after you were done with the dishes. If you were lucky, you solved the problem simply by collecting food scraps or using drain products. Unfortunately, if luck has turned your back, you will certainly have been forced to call a plumber. Today, however, we would like to introduce you to a solution that many. Forget the plumber’s number: with this technique, you can really solve the clogging problem in just a few minutes.

Try placing a plastic bag down the sink drain and witness the magic. How does this life-changing trick work? We’ll explain in a moment. Expert home maintenance advice is easy on your wallet. The first thing you need to do is pour a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid into the drain of your sink. Then add half a teaspoon of baking soda and pour in two tablespoons of vinegar: a reaction will occur, witnessed by foam that will eventually penetrate completely into your sink. Wait for this liquid to run down the drain. After performing these steps, you must take a plastic bag and place it over the drain: the bag will not allow contact with the air and therefore the chemical reaction will be stronger.

Within minutes, your drain will be clear, and you will no longer need a plumber and therefore you will not have to spend money on professional services and/or expensive techniques. Many try this system. Place a cotton cloth over the plastic bag and leave it there for at least 10 minutes, then pour some hot water down the drain and voila! The clogging problem will be just a nightmare of the past: the drain will be fixed, the water will be clean, it will flow easily and you won’t even notice greasy deposits anymore.

Expert advice

Were you aware of this technique? Are you going to try it? Many have solved this annoying problem only thanks to this clever trick. However, there are other systems that will allow you to always have a clean and unclogged drain.08

The more experienced also have other solutions for you. Do you know the drain shake? Also known as drain snake , it is a tool that you can buy in hardware stores , plumbing stores or even online. It is a small tube with a plunger that can be easily bent . It can pass through the pipes without causing damage and solves the clogging problem in seconds.

Otherwise, you can use the classic plunger, which allows you to use a little physical strength to clear the sink drain of any blockage. However, beyond these techniques, the experts have some suggestions that we should all follow to avoid such problems. Here are some:

  • When washing dishes, close the sink drain with the lid provided to prevent food debris from getting inside.
  • Avoid pouring oil or grease solutions down it, as they can harden as they cool and cause blockages.
  • Use the method with vinegar and baking soda, to save your drain by disposing of it once and for all.