Just 5 bay leaves for all the corners of the house: this method of the experts solves an age-old problem: cockroaches.

At home, you may encounter one or another age-old problem, which underlines how difficult it is to deal with the unwanted coexistence. In other words, natural remedies can help eliminate the presence of cockroaches that lay their eggs in different areas of the house. Bay leaves have many advantages, including the power to solve a very serious and widespread problem. The experts’ method is easy to use: Let’s find out together how.

Cockroaches in the house: how they get there and where they lay their eggs.

Cockroaches come and settle in the house and somehow take possession of it. Often it is not clear where they come from, whether it is a crack in the wall or directly from the window. Obviously, these are intelligent animals that go out of their way to get easy food while hiding in plain sight from humans or other animals (like cats and dogs). They love moisture and plumbing, electrical outlets and drains that lead directly into the bathroom. In short, any crack or passageway could be an access route for these insects.

The main goal of cockroaches is to get easy food as they find it thanks to open packages on surfaces or in cabinets. They also want to lay their eggs and often do so in unexpected places. Usually, they lay their eggs in leaves, but also in the garden or between cracks in walls, where normally no human can reach. Females produce up to 40 eggs at a time, which remain inside until they hatch.

5 bay leaves to defeat cockroaches

Wherever you live, you can’t be free of cockroaches all year round. They prefer easy access and food on hand when the dishes are still washed from the day before or the cookie packets are still open. They are fast and work at night when no one can see them. To defeat them and put an end to this forced coexistence, bay leaves can do wonders. Only 5 leaves of this natural remedy, already loved by ancient peoples, is enough to permanently eliminate these cockroaches. If the scent of laurel is very good for humans, it is unpleasant and unbearable for insects. How to do? The five leaves need to make an infusion of laurel – like the one for drinking – to be poured into different bowls. The bowls with the infusion are then placed in different interior and exterior corners of the house, so that they can form a wall against cockroaches. The smell that the insects smell when they arrive will be so unpleasant that they will run away in a second.