A very simple balloon placed in the shower drain can solve a very common problem that annoys most people around the world. Entering the house at any time of the day or night and finding free-roaming cockroaches in the home environment is certainly not pleasant, so everyone is constantly looking for the best solutions that will allow you to solve the problem once and for all at any time of the year.

Previously, cockroaches used to come into the pipes mainly in the summer when they seek a slightly cooler and more humid environment due to the excessive heat. But now things have changed so that cockroaches are constantly looking for the perfect hiding place to live in peace and tranquility throughout the year.

For this reason, the situation has gradually become more and more worrying for everyone. In 90% of cases, they can be seen in the bathroom, especially in the shower stall, bathtub or kitchen sink. These are cockroaches that love warm, humid and dimly lit environments where they can feed and survive, if only for a few days.

Prevent the arrival of cockroaches with basic health and hygiene standards

The first thing you need to do to prevent the arrival of cockroaches is to maintain proper cleaning and hygiene standards. So, never leave dirty dishes in the sink and crumbs or food on the table or open packages in the pantry just because cockroaches are attracted to the smell come out of even the smallest hole ever noticed in the house.

Then effective and 100% safe methods must be used, which does not necessarily mean relying on chemicals that destroy cockroaches immediately, as they can also be dangerous for pets as well as for human health.

Contrary to what is thought against cockroaches, bleach does not provide results because they are not afraid of it at all. It is not enough to disinfect the house, you need to fight their presence by acting directly on the pipes to make their passage more difficult.

How to fix cockroaches coming out of your shower drain

For example, as for the shower drain, simply suffice a balloon inserted into the drain, cut it at the end or from the part that we put in our mouth to inflate it. The cut allows water to pass but narrows the drain hole through which the cockroaches come out at any time of the year.

The solution is obviously applicable to all drains in the house where this is possible. When toilets are not in use, it is advisable to carefully close them with the appropriate caps, not only to prevent the access of cockroaches, but also for hygienic reasons. From any drain, even the kitchen sink, the stench comes out and floods the house in a few minutes, that all but pleasant.

Other ways to keep cockroaches away from home

Then, of course, all access routes must be kept closed, such as the windows, which should be attached mosquito nets to open both summer and winter, change the air, and so on, without fear of cockroaches or other animal species can easily enter.

And then cover all the air in the house with grilles that prevent the passage of large and small insects. In the event of a real infestation of cockroaches or cockroaches of any kind, the only solution is to request the sanitation and disinfestation of the home environment by professionals to return to life in peace and without serenity no fear and without feeling uncomfortable in your own home.